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Topics: South Korean films, Korean-language films, Film Pages: 3 (552 words) Published: February 10, 2012
An array of the best of the best of Korean movies that I cried, laugh, smile, think, learned, and loved while watching it. All of these are my favorites, hope you love it too! Romance:
1. Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do
2. Innocent Steps
3.Maundy Thursday aka Our Happy Time
Romantic Comedy:
1. My Little Bride
2. My Sassy Girl
3.He Was Cools
4. My Tutor Friend
5.Too Beautiful To Lie
6. Love So Divine
7.Hello Schoolgirl
8. My Mighty Princess
9.Lost & Found
10.Unstoppable Marriage
11.She's On Duty
12. The Best Romance aka Happy Couple
13.My Boyfriend Is Type B
14. Oh My God 2
15.Speedy Scandal
16.The Beast & the Beauty
Astounding Action/Romance
1.Dirty Carnival
3.Love Me Not
5.Rough Cut
(No Mercy for the Rude, is a nice movie but I did'nt include it here due to some explicit scenes in the movie not suitable for the young audience although the storyline is good) The Best of the Best of Romance Movies

1. The Classic- *Unforgettable
2. A Moment to Remember- *Tearjerker
3.Temptation of Wolves- *Amazing
4.Daddy Long Legs- *Inspirational
5.Windstruck- *mixed emotions
6.My Girl and I- *heartwarming
7.Sad Movie- *lot of tissues
8. Love Phobia- *heart pounding
9.Addicted- *my favorite actor which superb in acting is here, Lee Byeong Hyeon, a diff. love story. My Part 2 of the best Korean movies of all time..(last, but not the least) and, there's more coming! Consists of 20 beautiful films in action, comedy, love story, inspirational, portrayed by Korean actors/actresses and fine scripts.

1. More Than Blue-a touching Love story, unconditional, and the sacrifices of the characters for love.. 2.A Bittersweet Life-my first glance of Lee Byeong Hyeon, an amazing action/drama movie for me. 3.Once in a Summer Time- another Lee Byeong movie, a different love it! 4.Castaway on The Moon- a well deserved round of applause for this movie, a great one! see it! 5.Duelist- Kang Dong Woon's is very handsome here, see for...
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