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Wind talkers
Movie Critique

This movie is directed by a man named John Woo. This movie is also produced by Terence Chang. This movie got 3 out of 5 stars. The release date for this movie was on June 12, 2002. I watched this movie this past weekend in my room as well. Wind Talkers is a good title for the movie because it really compliments the scenes in the movie and the plot as well. The people who put this film together did a good job of showing good detail and scenery.

Joe Enders, a decorated marine who is a fault because he cheated on his test, is coming back on duty. While he is frustrated with his assignment, his respect grows as the code talkers prove their worth in the brutal battle to take Saipan. The code talkers are the soldiers who he is escorting and must protect at all cost. Ender and other wind talkers are deployed to frontline areas in the Pacific to use their language as an advantage to crack secret codes and keep codes of their own. Their biggest drawback is that the U.S. military soon puts forth a directive that orders the wind talkers to not allow themselves being caught by the enemy. If so they must hide their codes. In order to do this, they must kill.

Joe Enders is an escort and a military soldier at the same time. He is sad because of what happened to his previous platoon. They were all killed and he was left alone. Despite this, Joe Enders has a good personality. He shows his courage and heart during the war. He also shows much effort in the war as well. Another character of the movie is Ben Yahzee. He is brought in for the army’s plan to keep their codes secret. His not much of a talker but when he does talk, he speaks wisdom of difficult codes. He must not be captured by the enemy or else Joe Enders, his escort, will have to kill him out of law.

The setting of the movie is in Guadalcanal on the Soloman Islands in 1943. The time span for this movie is between World War II and...
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