Best Form of Government for Bangladesh

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Best Form of Government for Bangladesh
There has been lot of discussion over the form of governments, which form is the best or better than others. It is very difficult to point out a single factor or a set of factors that distinguishes one for of government to another. The values behind a form of government may determine its agreeability to a particular individual or group. On the contrary, its corruptibility determines how likely it is to adhere to those values in the real world, when subjects to rigor of human nature. Among the forms of governments, Autocracy is generally seen as the black sheep. The most common argument against dictatorship is it endues an individual with supreme power. As Sir John Dalberg Action famously stated, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. However, counter argument goes a dictatorship intend of doing good can easily create far better governance mechanism which is prerequisite for the core development of better society and rich economy. In a presidential system, separation of power, speed, decisiveness, and stability are the major advantages of presidential form. However, this system often tends towards authoritarianism and in this system; there is strong impediment to leadership change. Ideological form of government includes Communist form and Islamist form of Government or “Khilafah”. This type of government follows certain ideology or religious doctrines.

“What is the best form of Government for Bangladesh?” give the current socio-economic & political context, its probably one of the most difficult questions to answer. Bangladesh was ruled by several forms of Governments and none of those form succeeded much in terms of socio-economic grounds. To find out the answer, we need to outline & evaluate the major forms of government from Bangladesh’s perspectives. Evaluation of Major Forms of Government

Presidential Form of Government:
Some political scientists say that presidential form of government is not constitutionally stable. According to some political scientists, such as Fred Riggs, presidentialism has fallen into authoritarianism (highly concentrated and centralized power control) in nearly every country it has attempted. Critics, such as Dana D. Nelson in her 2008 book BAD FOR DEMOCRACY sees the office of the presidency in the United States as essentially undemocratic; and sees presidentialism as worship of the presidency by the citizens which tends to undermine civic participation. A presidential system establishes the presidency and the legislature as two parallel structures. It reduces accountability by allowing the president and the legislature to shift blame to each other. It is also claimed that the difficulty in removing an unsuitable president from office before expiration of his or her term is a significant problem.

Military or Autocratic Form of Government:
The supporter of autocracy claim benevolent dictatorship can create better society and push economic growth and the example of China and many other countries shows the positive indications of dictatorship. However, it cannot be an acceptable form of government for Bangladesh. In autocracy needs, aspiration and beliefs of mass people are hardly reflected in government’s adopted policies. People can rarely raise their voice in the decisions that affect their lives. They can never hold the decision maker accountable. So at certain point the ruler or the president of military form of government become reckless and start doing whatever he feels like to do. Thus in the long run in most cases the autocratic form of government ruins the economy and deprive the mass people from freedom of expression. Most importantly, it cannot be guaranteed that the military backed president will be benevolent. If he is a whimsical person than that country gets destructed and several examples of ruined economy and extremely poor governance exist in African countries which are under military reign....

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