Beowulf Vs Superman

Topics: Beowulf, Hero, Grendel, Heorot, Epic poetry, Hroðgar / Pages: 2 (360 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2015
Through the years, the definition of a hero has changed drastically. For example, in the story Beowulf written by an unknown author, the hero, Beowulf, is considered to be an epic hero. In the story Frankenstein, written by Mary W. Shelley, the hero of the story is a byronic hero. Lastly, a hero we all know today is Superman, and he is considered to be a modern hero. Through all of these works of literature, Frankenstein, Beowulf, and Superman, the authors' express three different types of heroes, and all of these have created an impact on society during their time periods. In the epic poem Beowulf, the main character named Beowulf is portrayed as an epic hero. An epic hero is a person who has an outstanding quality and a specialty to him,

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