Benefits of Studying Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Mind Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: October 11, 2011
Question / Topic: Some critics argue that there is no such thing as a psychologically whole person because everyone is fundamentally flawed. Hence, there should not be a need for learning Psychology in this world. What is your response to this? Introduction: What is psychology?

The word ‘psyche’ means breath,spirit,soul and logia means study of. It is a scientific study of behavior and mental process. Psychology is all around us like the way people behave, talk and do things. It is an interesting field to learn and it helps in crafting us into a whole person. Thesis Statement: There should be a need for learning psychology as it contributes many benefits for our daily life.

Topic sentence : First and foremost, studying psychology gives better understanding of one’s true self. •As a person starts learning psychology, they learn to understand their own behavior, actions and emotions. They also help discover inner laws, emotions and behaviors of the soul. •This helps them to steer away from bad emotions and find ways to deal with and remove them. By this way, they reduce any risk of getting mental illness or major depression. •As an example, a psychology student who previously had troubles in anger management, learned how to manage his anger and have better control over his emotions. Concluding Sentence: Psychology assist a person in discovering the strength and weakness of one’s self.

Topic sentence: Secondly, understanding of other people increases when we learn psychology. •A major part of psychology deals with studying other people’s behavior. This allows us to get to know better reaction of people and why people behave in particular ways in situation. •Better understanding of people leads to improved relationship with a person. Thus, the communication skill with them is increased also. •A good example for this will be in the education field, where a teacher who needs to deal with children will benefit by learning how to engage in an...
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