Benefits of Daily Grammar Exercises

Topics: A Great Way to Care, High school, Grade Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: October 29, 2006
Throughout the progression of any given person's education, they are bound to run into unavoidable and quite frustrating problems. These problems can range from getting a bad grade on a test to forgetting to do one's math homework. At the time, the student feels completely overwhelmed and frustrated about the issue, but the easiest solution is to simply have been better prepared before the problem occurred. Among various methods to stay focused on a particular subject, the frequent repetition of seeing the subject's material helps to engrain it into one's memory. The use of daily grammar "warm-ups" helps students to have better long-term retention of grammar terms and vocabulary.

Throughout the course of my high school education, English tests always proved to be difficult for me. I had trouble remembering terms and vocabulary, despite the fact that my memorization skills were quite capable. However, in all four years of my high school career there was one test that "took the trophy" in terms of how overwhelming it was for me. I remember quite distinctly the dreadful day that my English teacher, Mrs. Schneider, handed out what would be the most difficult English test I've ever taken. The reason for the test's overwhelming difficulty is not because the material was too hard, but simply because I was not ready. With little to no preparation the odds of passing the unannounced test were not slanted in my favor. Sure enough, after almost an hour trying to remember every last term I could, I was only able to get by with around a fifty percent. Feeling distraught about my poor performance on the test, I realized the only person I could blame was myself. The only thoughts running through my mind were those of failure. From that moment on, however, I told myself I would never let that situation happen again, no matter what it took.

Over the course of the next few days, I was thinking of various ways to sharpen both my writing and grammar skills so that in the event...
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