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Journey as a Writer
Topics: Writing, Creative writing / Pages: 3 (574 words) / Published: Feb 12th, 2013

This paper in to a introducation course of english

Journey as a writer Marisol Rivera ENG090-Writing Fundamental Nov, 3, 2012 Dr. Kelley Gordon Journey as a writer Coming into English 090 was something I was not looking forward too. I assume who wants to repeat a course already taken, even though I board line passed. However, to me a passing score was a passing score. In high school and even in some college English courses never served as my strong point, I would always find myself confused and frustrated. Many of the times I did not understand why I did not get the grade I thought I deserved. Immediately, I notice I was not getting the grades I believed I deserved and I just simply stop trying. Afterward most of my assignment I would write without much thought put into to them, just to get them out of the way. When I write my essay, I never allowed myself to connect with them; until forced to repeat English 090 in a different college. Presently, I find myself enjoying setting down on my free time to write. The frustration and fear I had once thought of writing have gone away. At last, I can enjoy the process of writing, coming up with my own ideas and concepts to express my thoughts. Brainstorming, free writing, Star bursting is some of the techniques that have helped me to generate ideas to write papers. These techniques can help me make good argumentative papers for readers, write descriptive papers, narrative, and illustration papers. With this class I have learned how much, I love to write. I have made it a point to communicate my thought and believe through my writing. This English course helped built up my confidences in my own writing for that I am high appreciative of my instructor. Moreover, not only I have learned that I enjoy writing, but also I have improved in several areas. When I first entered English 090 I, had a long list of endless concepts that I did not understand from the previous courses. In this course I could understand the different concepts and apply them to my papers. One of the many issues that I needed to improve in my writings was not to have repetition and to narrow down my thought. As the course ends now this is something I can do. I can set down and revise my thesis and organize my thought with different techniques. I have learned to stay on topic and come up with specific supporting details related to my topic. Furthermore, reflecting back to the first assignment I wrote I would make a few changes to improve. In my introductory paragraph I could have reworded, it differently made it sound more interesting. I could have written more about the different opportunity I had to write, and also elaborated more about my concern, I had in writing. I could have identified more of the bad and good experience I had regarding writing. Another thing I would have changed was to use more transitional words and subordination conjunction through my writing so it flows better. Overall, English 090 have strongly impacted the way I think about writing. I believe have come a long way of progress through these few weeks I spent in English 090. I am looking forward for my next English course as long as the same instructor remain teaching the course.

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