Benefiting from Learning About the Flaws of People They Respect or Admire.

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Benefiting from learning about the flaws of people they respect or admire. Usually it just so happen that we people are young they tend to have a lot of heroes, or someone they respect or admire. They soon learn when they grow up that these people they have admired for so long have flaws just like anyone else. Leaving them feeling disappointed or upset, but what they don’t know is that learning about these flaws can be beneficial to them. People benefit from learning about the flaws of people they respect or admire.

What they soon learn is that people make mistakes, no one is perfect. Including those they may look up to the most, for example their parents. Their parents are the ones who teach them right from wrong, and so the kids may expect their parents to go by this as well. Most of the times the kids are disappointed to find out their parents aren’t perfect either. After that, they either chose to make the same mistake or chose to learn from it. “Monkey see, monkey do.”

It can even be beneficial coming from someone they don’t even know. It could be someone who sang their favorite song, or stared on their favorite TV show. For a kid to have a celebrity as an idol is very common. Celebrities are people just like us so they are going to make mistakes; it is how they deal with the problem that’s beneficial. But because they are famous, everyone can see their mistake.

People can also benefit to one’s peers. Watching someone they love or admire, make a mistake than learn from it, is extremely beneficial. They can accept that person for who they are and become more mature. It is very important that we learn at a young age that no one is perfect, and they can’t always set high expectations for everyone. Especially if they set the expectations for someone they have known all their life. Everyone’s has flaws and they should be expected. "There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from."

It is not always good to...
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