Benefit of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge to Economy

Topics: Macau, Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Title Benefit of Hong Kong -Zhuhai- Macao Bridge in economy Introduction Basic information about the subject discussed The connectivity brought about by the HZMD will benefit various sectors in Hong Kong , such as tourism , finance and logistics. It will enhance the economic and sustainable development in Hong Kong. Thesis statement (that shows the writers standpoint and previews the major arguments in the body paragraphs)Different opinions are said about the impact of the bridge . For me ,the benefits are much more than the drawbacks .There are three major direct economic benefit arise from logistics, tourism and commercial sectors. Body Paragraph one Topic sentence The benefit in logistics Evidence the Western Pearl River Delta will fall within a 3-hour-commuting radius from Hong Kong. Therefore, it will reduce the transportation costs and time for goods on the road. it will link Hong Kong to the west side of the Pearl River Delta and hook it up with the ever-expanding network of expressways in China. With the better transportation network , Hong Kong s logistic industries are able to get more businsess. Paragraph two Topic sentence The benefit in tourism Evidence a) Macau and Pearl River Delta residents are more willing to visit Hong Kong and shop here due to the reduction in transportation costs and time. b) The bridge contains a rail link, which will increase the capacity of passenger travel across the bridge. It will increase the tourists visit Hong Kong.. Conclusion (if any at this planning stage) Restate the thesis and major arguments The project of Hong Kong -Zhuhai- Macao Bridge really benefit in many sectors. It will enhance Hong Kong s competitiveness and bring more business opportunities. Final thought (including ways of improvements or solutions to a problem) Someone said that it will cause serious problems in the natural beauty , and hence damage the tourism experience in the area. However , government already find out different solution to...
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