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TH 398: Theology of Benedict XVI
Exam 1 Study Guide
Fall 2012

Verbum Domini

What is BXVI’s goal in writing this document?
To inspire people to read scripture more, and interpret it better. To renew the church and let it have an effect on pastoral work, In every aspect. What does the pope mean by the “analogy of the word”? Explain. The word can be said in many ways, Its an analogical term. The word of God comes to us in creation, the bible, interaction with other people. He speacks his word to us in different ways. The term symphony of the word, many layers of communication. Highest way he spoke is through Jesus. Christianity is not a religion of the book. Its of the Living word. Not everything is contained in the bible, there’s more to us. What is the pope’s main teaching under the section “Christology of the word”? The son of god became man just as the word became man in all things but sin, So the words of God in scripture are in human words in all things but error. What does it mean to say that revelation “precedes and exceeds” Scripture which “contains” it Revelation is Christ. What has been passed down through the church.

Explain the analogy of Jesus/Mary :: Scripture/Church
Mary gave birth to Jesus. The church Gives birth to scripture. (by letting the words of God Be pondered.) Mary pondered the things being revealed to her. -Mary had Jesus in the womb. Took nine months of care and gestartion. The scriptures were internalized and pondered, then they were written. It was the entire community of the church that pondered and celebrated the myster of jesus. From that the gift is the birth of scripture. What is meant by biblical inerrancy, inspiration, and dual authorship? Entire scripture w/out error. Whatever is affirmed by the human author is affirmed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can’t assert error. Therefore the Bible is without error. It took spirit and human author to make the bible. Inspiration – god illuminated the author’s souls and told them what to write. Duel authorship- God and human are both writing. There are human aspects to the words of God so that we can understand it. What is Method C exegesis? What are the respective weaknesses and strengths of A and B? Why is it so important to have recourse to both? (from lecture) A-Tradition and medieval Psalm 1:37 Very spiritual side.

B- Modern look on history. The critical approach. Seeks out things in a different manner. They want an explaination scientifically. A- Strong faith. Doesn’t deal with problems
B- They understand the situations in bible better. Historical and critical analysis. People refuse to acknowledge they have a spiritual dimension. C- The popes way of saying spiritual and critical without being an extreme. What does BXVI mean by the “dark passages” of the Bible? Give some examples. How would you explain their presence in the Bible in light of the divine pedagogy? Ex: God Telling Abraham to kill Isaac. Passages that denied the afterlife. The Divine pedagogy is the divine teaching method. Piecemeal theology together. You cannot just drop the faith on people. You meet them where you are at. God didn’t give sins into people. They are given free will. Example: Pharaoh allowed his heart to be hardened. What does it mean to say that the saints are the true interpreters of Scripture? Look at saints to interpret the scripture. What was it like to live with joy in the midst of suffering? What’s it like to be a poor little nun? (Therase the little flower). What’s it like to drop everything and live for God? What are some practical suggestions BXVI gives for making Scripture a priority in the life of the Church, our families, and communities today? Family Bible, Service in action, Help the poor and serve those in need. Feed the poor, FOCUS, Bible studys, Better training for priests and laymen. Name and briefly describe the steps of lectio divina as taught by the Holy Father. 1. Read- study try to learn more.

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