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Why was Jesus successful?

By cherrychucy Nov 21, 2013 1147 Words
Cherry Chu Teacher Mr Hattam

Why was Jesus successful?

The founder I have chosen is Jesus. In my opinion Jesus was the most successful founder among all of the other founders because he was able to spread the faith of Christianity to different parts of the world. One of the reasons why I think Jesus was successful is that today there are over 2000 million Christians – largest religion in the world.

Christianity began in the mid-1st century in the Middle East, which are about 2000 years ago in Judea (present-day Israel) with Jesus Christ and his faithful group of disciples. Christianity spread to the Americas, Australasia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the rest of the world through missionary work and colonization. As of the early 21st century, Christianity is the world's largest religion, with approximately 2.2 billion followers. The main written articles which support the Religion are Bible and Development of the Christian Biblical canon. Christianity regards the Biblical canon, the Old Testament and New Testament, as the inspired word of God. It was the God which worked through human authors that, what they produced was what God wished to communicate. Some Christians assemble for communal worship on Sunday in the churches, but some just stay at home and keeps the relationship with God – keeps on praying and studies the words of God.

The Gospel of Matthew states that: "Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king". However, Luke's gospel describes the birth as taking place during the first census, which is extensively believed to have occurred in 6 AD/CE. It is believed that Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem with his mother Mary and father Joseph. It is believed that Jesus didn’t “find” Christianity and his birth had a purpose – to rescue the people from the sin. Scholars which particularly studied on the purposes of the Jesus existence was that a rescue plan organised by God and that it was God who told Jesus to do all these things and to use love to rescue his people. Jesus and his disciples didn’t change any of the ideas of Christianity as they knew that everything God said was correct – they developed it and Jesus often used metaphors, e.g there was ten girls all waiting for the master to arrive. Five of the ones prepared extra oil, while the other five didn’t. Soon the oil ran out and the five who didn’t bring extra went back to get some more. When they came back with more oil they realise that their master is back and he reject to let the five into the house. Perhaps the most famous miracle of Jesus was becoming alive on the third day after he was put on the cross. This clearly shows the whole point of Christianity – that there really is God and everything that happened written in the Old Testament was totally true, and it was also to send the message of Christianity as Jesus didn’t just runaways – instead he accepted to rescue his people and be put on the cross to let all of our sin be washed.

People mostly followed Jesus as they had known that he is the lord and believes that he has the power to control everything in the world – this is proved by the miracles Jesus did the number of miracles: turning five fishes into 500 fishes, walking on top of the water, making dead people alive, telling the wave to stop moving, telling the sky to burst rain and into a tsunami etc. All of these are miracles which made people follow Christianity. I think I would have followed Jesus if I had met him because I would have seen all of the miracles which happened 2000 years ago which personally I think is absolutely amazing. But I would have also asked more of the proof that he really is the one who is our lord, too. Now, actually I am a Christian and I always go to church to keep the relationship between me and God. I decided to believe in Jesus because that I think that everything that had been written in the bible had really happened before – not just some random book which is made up. The point which made me think the bible was 100% true is that I think there wouldn’t be anyone that bothered to make up a gigantic story with all those teachings. I think the message of Jesus recuing us and us following the rules that God made and being a good person was sent quite clear through the bible. To me, religion is actually a guide which guides your life all the way long to make sure you’re doing the correct thing. Another reason that the message was good is that it could actually change someone’s life completely and turning them into a good person, this is a great contribution to the community. I think most of the people did follow the teachings of Christianity properly now as we Christians had given an impression to others as we are very pure and good-hearted throughout the way we act for all the years. Except for few others who went against the bible as to “stand up” for Christianity, Christians had always had a little argument with Catholics as there are a little difference between the concepts of God and had quite a big conflict on this. This is actually going against the bible because if a person had really followed Jesus’ teachings, you wouldn’t have had a fight with them even if they insult Christianity, instead, you should forgive them and pray to God.

Jesus was a very successful founder which had done a great job of leading Christianity. There were a lot of people who believed in Christianity now but this was just the very top bit of his success. I think the most successful thing that he did as a founder of Christianity was that to teach us a lot of principles, especially on life and our attitudes towards the judgement day when God judges if we’re good enough to go to heaven (which is death). Throughout all the time, all the people who really followed Christianity worked hard to earn their “ticket” to the heaven by following the rules and believing in Jesus (it is actually different if you say people believe in God because God is just the rules of Christianity but Jesus is the actual thing which proves the existence of Christianity). Furthermore, I think Jesus is very affective as there are many people who became good because of going to church or knowing the facts of the bible which also made contribution to the community e.g. Jackie Pullinger – she came to Hong Kong and helped the community, especially to the poor people which lived in poor hygiene.

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