Ben Franklin: Ultimate Founding Father

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, American Revolution Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: October 27, 2014

In my research, I have decided that Ben Franklin is the ultimate Founding Father. He’s done things not only to make the government better, but he’s also helped society in general.
The impact Ben has had on government was quite substantial, but he also had impact on life closer to home. Ben started the first volunteer fire department. The first department was formed in 1736. This was a great contribution since houses were made mostly out of wood back then, and were heated by open fire places. This caused a lot of fires. Having a team of men who were highly trained to put them out and try to save your house was ideal.

Ben Franklin was also a big part of the American Revolution and Revolutionary War. Ben was present at the Second Continental Congress as a delegate for Pennsylvania. He also helped draft and sign the Treaty of Paris which ended the War. And lastly, he reviewed the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson. Ben greatly affected and contributed to the Revolutionary War

Ben Franklin also helped draft the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation laid down the first initial laws of the New United States. Put into affect in early 1781, they were the beginning of the nation. Ben helped these come into affect.

Ben also helped write the Constitution. 7 years after the Articles, the Constitution was written to replace them. They were being replaced because they were faulty and didn’t cover all the needs of the American people. Ben drafted and signed the Constitution. Contributing to three or more of the most important documents in United States history definitely makes Ben the ultimate.

So in conclusion, Ben Franklin has contributed to the United States in many different ways. He’s changed a lot of things for the better. From daily life to important government functions. This is why Benjamin Franklin deserves the title of The Ultimate Founding Father.
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