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Homeland! Wherever you go, wherever you stay, you have to return, you have to come back to your home whether you stay to a place for a day, a week or a year. When you stay at a place, you live according to how you live at your own place. When it comes to representation, you are judged by the habits and customs that you have according to your home place, country that you belong to, the place where you’ve grown up and have developed those habits.
Pakistan, being the country fellows, we all are known by this name; Pakistani. We have the same green ID card, the same green passport, the same identity; the same green flag is our icon, the same green cricket team and so other same things. We have our individual identity as well but don’t you think we are judged not individually but collective opinion is what people make for us. For example, Americans and other countries recognize us as terrorists. Okay, are you a terrorist? I am talking about an individual’s perception. I know right, it would be a NO. But this is what human nature is. You judge according to your cognitive approach. We Pakistanis are judged all over the world in the same way. If our leader is corrupt, we all are corrupt. But that’s true in some way.
Talking about our own selves, we have different opinions and perceptions. I would never take care of how rich I am but will keep on looking what others have. I would never look upon my mistakes but will readily approach towards how one walks, talks or acts. I would never look upon how cunning attitude that I adopt in my work or behavior but will always point out a person’s dishonesty, hypocrisy. We doubt about everyone; skeptical. We never believe anyone unless we have been helped by that person. There are so many of the attributes that we belong to, that make our identity. We think we are the same but we are not. We have the same country but we don’t have the same values. We are so

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