John Counselling Assignment 1

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Unit K/601/7629 Professional Organisational Issues in Counselling

1.1 Define what is meant by the term counselling

Counseling is a therapeutic relationship with a trained professional to help you understand the underlying causes of your problems and help you to find different ways of coping with and dealing with your difficulties.

1.2 Explain their own philosophical approach to counselling
“Counselling is a multi-dimensional process to aid the well-being of an individual, using techniques and theories to evoke feelings, thoughts and emotions.” Counselling is a process which can be approached from many different angles depending on the client’s needs, beliefs, circumstances and history. There are a wide range of theories, techniques, skills and communication tools which can enable the counsellor to create a therapeutic relationship, whereby feelings, thoughts and emotions can be drawn upon to deal with difficulties one is experiencing.

1.3 Explain the impact this approach has on their practice as a counsellor There are many dimensions to our character. We are the sum total of everyone we have ever been. Inside we are children, teens, adults, friends, lovers, parents and wives or husbands. We usually behave differently with different people. There is the person we are with our close friends and with more distant friends, the person we are in our intimate relationships, the person we are with our family, the person we are at work, and many, many more. Therefore everyone is different, and people act in different ways. Counselling needs to be client specific. What works for one person may not work for another, therefore the counsellor needs to be open minded and prepared to use different theories, techniques and skills. A multi-dimensional approach is often the most effective way of working.

2.1 Evaluate the need for an ethical framework for counselling and psychotherapy All clients are entitled to good standards of practice and care from their practitioners in counselling and psychotherapy. Good standards of practice and care require professional competence; good relationships with clients and colleagues; and commitment to and observance of professional ethics ( The Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling (BACP, 2013) is the ethical code for counsellors, trainers, and supervisors within the counselling field. It is also applicable to counselling research, the use of counselling skills, and the management of counselling services within organisations and agencies. It has been developed to inform individual members of the BACP, as well as those providing counselling services. The framework provides a common platform for counsellors and other people working within the counselling field, although member associations are also expected to have ethical codes of their own.

2.2 Explain the main elements of one recognised ethical framework for counselling and psychotherapy BACP Ethical Framework
There are huge disparities in how ethics are approached, the BACP framework has made every effort to reflect this ethical diversity by considering three key ethical domains: Values
Personal moral qualities
The importance of adhering to an ethical framework can be highlighted through an exploration of these three domains. Firstly, values ensure that clients feel comfortable and safe to express themselves. The fundamental values of counselling include respecting human rights and dignity, ensuring clients are safe, maintaining a professional counsellor-client relationship, and counsellor commitment to keeping up to date with the discipline via research and continued professional development. Further values include working with clients to alleviate suffering and distress, increasing clients’ personal effectiveness, and appreciating diversity in experience and culture. Ethical principles place emphasis on ethical responsibilities, with...
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