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In the world there are a lot of people, but nobody is the same. Every person looks different, maybe he has a black skin, green hair, is blind or deaf, but all humans have positive and negative characteristics. In small social groups, such as a normal class in school, differences are very clearly visible. Some children have better possibilities to study and have a lot of expensive things. If somebody of majority of schoolmates does not wear costly clothes or does not have the latest I-phone, he is not popular. In my opinion this is the biggest problem of young people, because they have no idea about life and work. Children whose parents work just in a factory or for example work like cleaners cannot afford a lot and what is sad is that rich children do not approve much of diversity. But on the other hand being different is also the thing that can assure you popularity. For example, on the net or television we can see many stars like singers and actors and they do countless stupid things in their private life. But they are still popular. Every day they appear in newspapers because they have done something unusual, but irrespective of any, we still like and support them. In fact, it is the same in our life. We can get interested in someone just because he or she is different and he or she caught our attention. Different people are sure more talked about, but it could be positive or negative. If somebody is different from group or distinguishes it from the company, it is not necessary that we find him or her weird. All people are different, all like many different things and all do good and bad things in our life. The world is so small and you never know when you need somebody that will help you. But then it will not matter how different and unpopular we seem to each other!
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