Behavior Plan

Topics: Smoking, Nicotine, Cigarette Pages: 5 (1594 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Behavior Plan
Max Holmes
HUMS 205-Behavior Change Plan

I have chosen to change a behavior in my cousin Steve W. Steve is a 45 year old male. He has many different behaviors which he would like to change, but quitting smoking is the behavior he wants to change the most. He smokes a little less than a pack of cigarettes a day, stating that he averages about 18-20 cigarettes each day. Steve also seems depressed, has a very low level of activity, and does not have as close of a relationship with his daughter (Alexis) as he would like. For this project I have decide to focus on his smoking. He has smoked for over 17 years and it is obviously very harmful to his health and affects almost every aspect of his life. Smoking affects his health dramatically. It also affects ability to exercise and affects his relationship with his 15 year old daughter (Alexis), as she cannot stand the smell of cigarettes and it makes her very sad that her father is hurting himself and shortening his life by smoking cigarettes. Alexis even told me that she feels like Steve cares more about smoking than he cares about her. Alexis has said she doesn’t like to be around Steve when he smells like cigarette smoke and that she is embarrassed when he goes around her friends and smells like cigarette smoke. Last year Steve had a mild heart attack and his doctors told him that he needs to quit smoking or the next heart attack could be even worse or possibly fatal. I have decided to focus on getting him to reduce the amount of cigarettes he smokes each day and to eventually quit smoking. Steve has claimed to have tried to quit smoking in the past, but has never had any luck. He has never tried using a regimented plan to quit smoking but made multiple attempts to quit on his own. It seems that his inability to quit smoking, or even reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes causes him to feel even more depressed than he did before his attempts to quit smoking. These failed attempts also seem to affect his self-esteem and his perception of himself. Steve does say he has a strong desire to quit smoking and he realizes it is adversely affecting his health. He also would like to quit smoking in order to spend more time with his daughter and make her proud of him instead of being embarrassed about the fact that he smells like cigarette smoke. He also realizes that it breaks her heart and makes her very sad to know he is shortening his life by smoking. Target Behavior: Steve will reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes and eventually quit smoking entirely. We have made a plan of gradually reducing his tobacco use over a period of time which will cover 13 weeks. Each week he will smoke one less cigarette a day which is 7 less cigarettes per week. Data Recording: The data recording method I will use is documenting the total number of cigarettes Steve smokes each week. We will try and reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes each week by at least one pack. Each Sunday Steve and I will to the store and buy the number of cigarettes he will be allowed to smoke each week. This number of cigarettes will be one pack less every week. We started buying the cigarettes together on Sunday, February the 17th. We bought 5 packs of cigarettes and this was based on the fact that Steve smoked 10 packs of cigarettes over the course of the previous week and 10 packs of cigarettes was the average of cigarettes he has been smoking for the past year and a half. He agreed that he would start the program by cutting the total amount of cigarettes he smoked each day in half at the beginning of the program. At the beginning of the program Steve and I went to the store and bought all of the cigarettes which he will be allowed to smoke over the course of the following 13 weeks. I divided the cigarettes up into the particular amounts he will be allowed to have each week and I give him that amount of cigarettes on each given Sunday after I see him at church....
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