Becoming An Adult

Topics: Adult, Decision making, Adulthood Pages: 3 (564 words) Published: April 26, 2015

University of El Salvador

Subject: Important aspects in order to become an adult.

Professor: Lic. Israel Olivares

Student: Jorge Elenilson Vasquez Medrano

April 23, 2014

Being an adult means develop an identity unique, since, to become an adult is not something that just instantaneously occur when people are in a certain age. Due to that, life has different stages where people can involve important aspects in order to become adults such as have independence, get responsibilities and make the decision to get married. Firstly, Adults are exposed to have independence based on different circumstances. For instance; economic, social or family issues. They start to have independence that provides the opportunity to learn by themselves. They also can develop the ability of making reasonable decisions and take into account the compromise of separate of their parents’ house. Having independence determines the type of adults that they will become. Also, this is an important aspect that adults follow, so that they can explore things in order to start valuing the things they need much more than the things they want. So, adults see all of the bad in the world along with the good, but being independent may allow focus on the good most days, as a result, they know their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, to get responsibilities play an essential part of becoming an adult. They can develop the ability of making decisions about career goals; get a good job in order to obtain the financial needs to support themselves and their family as well. For example; responsibilities for paying bill like water service, electricity, food, personal needs and some others. These actions as adults are very important because these are decisions that they will have to deal with for the rest of their life. In other words, being an adult means entering the world of work. In fact, when adults get and understand...
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