BEC IT Homework

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Computer program Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Information Technology:
2. The most likely disadvantage for an entity that keeps data files prepared by personal computers rather than manually prepared files: C. It is usually easier for unauthorized persons to access and alter the files 4. Which of the following represents an internal control weakness in a computer-based system? A. Computer operators have access to the instructions and the authority to change programs 6. Which of the following is most suitable for an expert system? C. Automate daily managerial decisions

8. A distributed processing environment is most beneficial in the following situation: B. Large volumes of data are generated centrally
10. The following should not be a responsibility of a database administrator A. Develop applications
12. What is a server in a LAN (local area network)
D. A device that stores program and data file for users of the LAN 14. The following is false about an accounting information system (AIS) B. It is best suited to solve problems when uncertainty is great 16. A computer operator needed to know whether a particular job had already been run today, they figure this out by viewing the… C. Console Log

18. The following statement regarding the decision support system is generally true… B. Support structured applications
20. What is probably the result associated with the conversion to the new automatic system. B. Risk exposure is reduced
2. Which program uses the computers of innocent parties affected with Trojan horse programsA. Password cracking 4. An interactive system environment is best characterized by B. The processing of groups of data at intervals

6. An organizations computer system should have an IDS (instrusion detection system) if it has external connections. An IDS… C. Uses behavior based detection
8. Which of the following controls would most likely check for this type of errorC. Check digit verification 10. What is the best course of action to take if a program takes a...
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