Beautiful Brains

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The Stage of Transformation

The brain is more adaptive during the period of adolescence due to the developing-mind between the years of 12 and 25. The brain has the least amount of growth during this phase, however it experiences vast reconstruction, absorbing everything that the synapses find useful to succeed in the life ahead. The brain begins to shape itself using the neurons extensively to make the mind more efficient for when adulthood comes. These traits acquired during adolescence stays with one even after maturation, leaving a permanent mark that is hard to change. The changes that the brain encounters begin to mold who they become, peers play a major role during this stage due to the reaction one has from the reward of success in taking risks as they adjust to life eventually making our world a better place.

To begin with, the changes that the young brain undertakes to create a complex organ are ultimately much faster and mature by the end of the long session. The neurons used to send signals around the body consist of nerve fibers, which slowly become insulated with Myelin, boosting the Axon’s transmission speed up to a hundred times (Dobbs 2011). The dendrites, which are root-like stems connected to the cell body, begin to grow richer and stronger as they use heavier synapses to pass information to another (Dobbs 2011). The less commonly used synapses consequently begin to weaken. It is called synaptic pruning, which causes the brain’s cortex to become thinner yet more proficient (Dobbs 2011). “Physiologically, adolescence brings a peak in the brain's sensitivity to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that appears to prime and fire reward circuits and aids in learning patterns and making decisions” (Dobb 2011)

Moreover, the youth prefers new experiences, adrenaline rush, and surrounded by friends during this chapter in their lives. Colleagues play an active role in the adolescence’s life, who are greatly responsible for the choices one makes. At...
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