Beano's Cafe

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Beano’s Café Case Study

1.Based on segmentation variables, how is Beano’s Café now segmenting and targeting the coffee market?

Beano’s Café’s target market is said to be the young people. Since they chose to serve the young people, this means that their consumers are under the demographic segment. Demographic segment consists of segments that are based on variables such as age, generation, etc. This segment therefore applies to Beano’s Café since they target young people ranging from 18 – 25 years old. Beano’s Café target their market by improving on their customer service. They did this by conducting surveys in order to find out what customers liked and disliked. The surveys showed that customers liked the café’s service, atmosphere, and quick response. While other customers disliked waiting to get a table at the café, the food price, and the music that was played as well. The company responded to their customers by adding more tables and chairs, reducing the price of existing products but increased the price of new ones, and lastly, played different kinds of music to create a pleasant atmosphere. Seeing that the company made use of this strategy shows that they really want to meet the needs of their consumers.

2.Discuss how Beano’s positioned itself in the Egyptian local market. Also explain how Beano’s differentiated itself from the competition.

Beano’s Café positioned itself as an affordable, modern café with a lively, entertaining environment. They made themselves different from their competitors by introducing new coffee products such as cappuccino and espresso. They also put great emphasis on excellent services. They did this by having friendly staff and an estimated 9-minute service (one minute for orders, seven minutes for creating the orders, one minute for billing). They also had the kitchen and this allowed them to have a larger menu selection.

In addition, customers could also have made to order meals instead of having ready-made...
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