Be Cool To The Pizza Dude Analysis

Topics: Ethics, Management, Morality, Human, Immanuel Kant, American Dream / Pages: 1 (245 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2015
Be Cool To the Pizza Dude A - About: The reading is about reasons for why we should be kind to the pizza dude. One of the reasons why we should be nice to them is because they are just human like us, and even though they might not like their job they do it to make ends meet.
P - Point: The Point of this reading is to reflect about it in how we should not get pissed off over something little like the pizza dude when they cut you off in traffic. We have all done it at least once in our life; we should not get mad about it.
P - Proof: One of the reasons in why we should be nice is simply for practice in equality, we are not any better than the pizza dude and we should be kind to him just like any other person.
R - Reflection: This reading

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