Summary & Response of "Be Cool to the Pizza Dude" by Sarah Adams

Topics: Human, Thought, Writing Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Sophia Ruiz-Zarate
Jodie Howell, Instructor
WR 115
19 December 2013
Summary and Response of “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude” by Sarah Adams Summary
In the essay “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude,” Sarah Adams writes about the valid reasons for being cool to the pizza dude, and explains the blessings and good karma that can come from it. Adams fills her essay with four principles exampled that further explain her philosophy of being cool to the pizza dude, and how she applies it. The first principle is to practice humility and forgiveness for the pizza dude, to which Adams provides an example of a pizza dude cutting her off in traffic, and her collective tolerance for such actions. Adams explains the importance of allowing the pizza dude a safe passage, and not letting anger her cloud judgment. The second principle is to practice empathy for the pizza dude. The author reminisces with her memory of such ‘bottom of the barrel’ jobs, and explains the importance of empathizing with the pizza dude, because he is only trying to earn a paycheck. The author includes the metaphor “In the big pizza wheel of life, sometimes you’re the hot bubbly cheese and sometimes you’re the burnt crust,” to remind the reader of when they were the burnt crust (Adams 1). The third principle is to honor hard work in the pizza dude, and practice honor in general. Adams offers the idea that the pizza dude is simply a civilian, unlike a CEO of a huge corporation, who is trying to earn an honest living, and does not live a corrupt, rich life. The last principle, Adams explains, is to practice equality with the pizza dude, because no person is worth more than another. Adams says “I am the equal to all I meet because of the kindness in my heart,” to tie in her definition of equality to the overall importance of kindness, more specifically, towards the pizza dude (“Be Cool to the Pizza Dude” 2). Adams wraps up her essay by adding the suggestion of tipping the pizza dude for good luck, and good karma....
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