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Fall 2013 Assignment PacketBCOM 3950 Classes Taught by Jan Costello This packet contains information to help you complete the BCOM 3950 assignments. In addition to following these instructions, apply the tips provided in class and take every advantage of peer review.

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p. 2Elevator Pitchp. 4Cover Letterp. 6 HYPERLINK \l "_Directions:_Negative_Message_1" Negative Message via E-mail p. 8Hot Seat Interviewp. 13 HYPERLINK \l "_Directions:_Informative_Presentatio_1" Informational Interview Memo p. 16 HYPERLINK \l "_Directions:_Informative_Presentatio_2" Informative Presentation p. 18Team Exercisep. 19 Speaker Evaluation Memo

p. 21Persuasive Presentationp. 23Bonus Exercises
Directions: Elevator Pitch
The assignment will help you impress future employers. In addition, it will increase your confidence for making presentations. The assignment is for practice only. Due Dates (listed in syllabus)

Elevator Pitch due.
A brief encounter on the elevator is the premise behind what the business world calls “the elevator pitch.” It is your 30-second marketing message. In this exercise, pretend that you have encountered a potential employer or career contact. You have 30 seconds to motivate the person to meet with you at a later time. The elevator pitch must be a balance of fundamental facts about you as a professional. These facts should be packaged in an interesting and impressive way. Capture the listener’s mind and make a memorable, positive impact. The pitch must be memorized. Deliver it in a spontaneous, enthusiastic, credible manner. Principles of the Elevator Pitch

To portray in 30 seconds your skills, education, experience and/or abilities in a winsome way that will show how valuable you would be to an organization. To capture the interest and respect of the person receiving your elevator pitch. To secure an interview or a contact for your career search.

You will prepare one elevator pitch for this class, focused on a particular job goal. More than likely, you will need multiple pitches because you will be pursuing different goals. For example, if you have graduated with a degree in accounting and desire an accounting position, you may have an elevator pitch that highlights only your accounting accomplishments. You would use that elevator pitch when you are attending events with mostly accounting professionals or when interviewing with accounting firms. On the other hand, if you are open to all kinds of jobs in this difficult job market and have an interest in marketing, you might have a more generic business elevator pitch. The second pitch would include some of your accounting accomplishments and include internships and experiences that showcase your marketing abilities. If you have a focus, state it. For example, some people know they are looking for an accounting position with a mid-size local firm. Hiring managers with those firms will receive you more positively because they know you desire their type of culture. Even graduates who have no idea what they want should try to focus their pitch. Are you interested in management, sales and marketing, or hospitality? Whatever you say, sound definite and confident. Call for action. For example, you could give the person a business card and ask for a meeting to further discuss your qualifications. Or, ask to exchange cards so that you can send them more evidence of your skills. Fundamental facts for new graduates: Relevant facts will pertain to your degree and college, your relevant work or internship experience, languages spoken, and marketable skills. Skills can include proficiencies in software, organizational skills, sales abilities, or communication skills like presenting or writing proposals. When you mention skills, the more specific you can be the better. Cite your GPA if it is 3.8 or higher. Captivating and impressive nuggets: Awards, leadership roles, interesting travel of life experiences that...
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