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Topics: Strategic management, Management, Management consulting Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: January 2, 2011
Nowadays, in a stronger context of globalisation, companies have to face more and more complex challenges such as a higher international competition, emerging markets, many economic changes or new technological progresses etc. Strategic management decisions have to be completely successful in this context, otherwise the consequences of any failure or mistake can be dramatic for companies in terms of profits or reputation. Senior executives actually have to use several conceptual models to be efficient particularly in their decision making. First of all, we will determine why conceptual models are so commonly used in strategic management. Then, we will describe and explain the BCG Growth / Share Matrix and finally, we will evaluate the different strengths and weaknesses of this conceptual model by analyzing and synthesizing the views of several authors. More abstract from Conceptual models in strategic management: The Boston Consulting Group growth / share...

[...] U.K.: Prentice Hall. G. Luffman, E. Lea, S. Sanderson and B. Kenny (1996) Strategic Management, An Analytical Introduction. U.K.: Blackwell Business. OTHER SOURCES not referred in the assignment but which helped in developing an understanding of the topic The Boston Consulting Group [online]. Available at: [Accessed 27th November 2007]. Karel O. Cool, James E. Henderson, René Abate (2005) Restructuring Strategy, New Networks and Industry Challenges. U.K.: Blackwell Publishing. Cliff Bowman, David Asch (1996) Managing Strategy. U.K.: Palgrave. ----------------------- ? [...]

[...] Why conceptual models are so commonly used in strategic management? Managers have different analytical tools at their disposition to make efficient strategic decisions. Many concepts have been created to help them in their decision making process. Let’s now see what can be the models used by managers and how they can contribute to strategic business thinking… The first example is about the famous PEST Analysis (Political,...
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