Topics: Philippines, Telecommunication, Provinces of the Philippines Pages: 6 (951 words) Published: February 11, 2012
Bayan Telecommunications, Inc.

Viewpoint: Mr. Eugenio Lopez (President and CEO)
Time Context: 2012 (present)

I. Background Analysis

Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. (BayanTel) is a telecommunications company serving areas in Metro Manila, Bicol and local exchange service areas in the Visayas and Mindanao regions combined cover a population of over 25 million, nearly 33% of the population of the Philippines.

Its operating units in the provincial fronts are the following: BayanTel - Bicol for Bicol region; BayanTel - Eastern Visayas for Samar & Leyte provinces; and BayanTel - South Mindanao for Davao del Sur and South Cotabato particularly Davao City and General Santos City, and BayanTel - Agusan for North Mindanao areas particularly Butuan City and Agusan Towns; respectively.

BayanTel is also a provider of data and communications services such as dedicated domestic and international leased lines, frame relay services, Internet access, and other managed data services like Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). BayanTel, was the operating arm of BTHC and formerly known as International Communications Corporation, it was incorporated on April 18, 1961. Among the wide range of company’s services are the following: • Wireless Landline

o Bayan Phone Plus (Formerly BayanTel SPAN and Bayan Wireless Landline) • Telephone Service
o Phone Plus
o International Long Distance
o SkyInternet VoIP
o Domestic Long Distance
• Value Added Services
o Caller ID
• Phone Cards
o AffordaCall
• Internet Services
o BayanDSL
• Pre-Paid Internet Services
o Bl@st
• Businesses
o Voice
o Internet
o Data
o Managed Services


Overall, Bayantel’s mission is” to be a leader in providing a full range of telecommunications services.” Bayantel hopes to emerge as the most respected and most profitable telecommunications carrier and challenge the more established carriers, particularly Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), which long held a monopoly in the Philippine telecommunications industry. Bayantel’s core values are customer service, employee welfare, obligation to shareholders, and consciousness of community responsibility.

Bayan Telecommunications Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission is to develop and sustain initiatives and programs that would bring out the best in the lives of the Filipinos by providing simple, honest, reliable and responsive telecommunication services. In doing so Bayan becomes integral in the development and improvement of lives of the Filipinos, fulfilling the promise, "Sa Bayan Gaganda Pa Ang Buhay."

II.Overview of the Problem

According to the latest statistics, Bayantel had ranked 32nd among the top corporations and 4th among the Telecom Companies in the Philippines. On the other hand, PLDT, its largest and closest competitor with regards to services offered, has ranked 7th among the top corporations and 2nd among the Telecom Companies. Analyzing the data presented, Bayantel is way behind its competitor in terms of promotions and marketing strategies and must pursue in continuously establishing its name in the market.

III. Statement of the Problem


➢ How can Bayantel boost their sales and brand equity to outsmart competitors?


➢ How can Bayantel attract more customers?
➢ How can Bayantel increase their current sales?
➢ How can Bayantel improve their company image to the market?

IV. Statement of Objectives

➢ To provide services to a wider range of customers in order to raise sales ➢ To maintain good rapport with existing and future clients ➢ To improve company’s image to have an edge over tough competitors

V. Areas of Consideration


• Wide network of on-call providers
• Professional staff and accountability
• Low...
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