Topics: Hypertension, Beta blocker, Propranolol Pages: 2 (1337 words) Published: September 19, 2014

Sport sciencePropranolol
Propranolol in sport and its effects and classifications
Kyle Morton

Propranolol is a beta-blocker which is a drug or substance that slows down or blocks all nerves, blood pressure, muscle tremors and adrenaline which might not sound too bad but in some sports this is illegal such as shooting, archery, and darts etc. these Olympic sports have banned this substance due to it giving the user an unmoral amount of concentration and accuracy that is unfair to those whom do not use this substance. Propranolol made an appearance in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 with a North Korean shooter (Kim-Jong-Su) he was just 1 of 3 shooters found taking this drug in the shooting category alone. There were several others in archery and darts but they did not win medals even though they did take the drugs. So this goes to show that not every time you take drugs that it will increase your performance to beat those whom haven’t done the wrong thing. Propranolol and its benefits and disadvantages of using this substance. Since propranolol is a beta-blocker (nerve blocker) the advantages would be not being able to stress have a more relaxed mind set and enjoy things a little more as you are not so worried about things, it is also used to treat high blood pressure and angina. Propranolol could also be used to stop adrenalin from activating in a situation where it may not be needed. This could be when you get a free kick in front of goals and the last siren blows and you are down by 4 points and have to kick a goal to win, the adrenalin kicks in and makes your hands slippery so you miss kick it and miss and lose the grand finale, this would not happen if you took propranolol as adrenaline would be stopped and you would be concentrating better, this could make you kick that goal to win the grand finale. Disadvantages of taking propranolol would be the lack of blood getting to your...
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