Unit 9
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Unit 9 Assignment 1 Internet Technologies Review
NT 1210

1. B 2. B D
3. A D 4. B
5. B C 6. A 7. D 8. D 9. C 10. A B
11. B
12. A 13. A
14. C
15. C
16. A, B, C
17. A D
18. B D
19. A
20. B
Unit 9 Assignment 1 Internet Technologies Review
NT 1210

Key Terms:
• The Internet-the global network formed by interconnection most of the network on the planet with each home and company network connecting to an internet service provider which in turn connects to other ISP.
• Internet Edge- the part of the internet between ISP customer whether the customer is a company or organization with a large private TCP/IP network or whether the customer is a single individual.
• Point of presence- a term used by service providers particularly for WAN or Internet service providers instead of traditional Telco’s that refers to the building where the provider keeps its equipment. Access links that connect the customer device to the WAN service physically connect into the POP.
• Internet access- a broad term for the many technologies that can be used to connect to an ISP so that the device or network can send packets between itself and the ISP.
• Internet Core- the part of the internet created through network links between ISPs that creates the ability of the ISPs to send IP packets to the customers of the ISPs that connect to the core.
• Analog modem – a device at the customer and ISP end of an analog circuit created when one modem calls the phone number of the other modem with the two modems sending data using the analog circuit.
• DSL- Digital subscriber line. A type of internet access service in which the data flows over the local loop cable from the home to the Telco central office, where a DSLAM uses FDM technology to split out the data and send it to a router and split out the voice frequencies and send them to a traditional voice switch.
• Cable Internet- a term referring to internet access service provided by a

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