Battered Women Fight Back

Topics: Human rights, Domestic violence, Violence Pages: 6 (1622 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Battered Women Fight Back!

Situation Analysis:

✓ Battered Women Fight Back! is a Boston, MA 501 (c) (3) agency with a goal to increase awareness that domestic violence is a direct violation of a person’s fundamental human right, Stacy Kabat is the main force driving BWFB! ✓ There are compelling statistics demonstrating the extent and gravity of domestic violence in the US, ✓ Women and children are the principal victims of domestic violence, ✓ Domestic violence is a major contributing factor to homelessness in the US, ✓ Businesses suffer significant losses because of domestic violence, ✓ Very few cases of domestic violence are reported,

✓ Children exposed to domestic violence are more likely to become “abusing” parents, ✓ Domestic violence crosses boundaries of ethnicity, educational background, income level, social class, ✓ However, domestic violence is perceived to be a “private matter for a certain population”, ✓ Academy award for best documentary given to “Defending Our Lives” gave a huge push to the issue of domestic violence making it a “national matter”, BWFB! through Stacy contributed to the making of the documentary, ✓ The murder cases of Carol Stuart and Nicole Brown Simpson have also contributed to bringing the problem of domestic violence into close public attention, ✓ Stacy Kabat wants to leverage the heightened public attention to promote BWFB! cause and expand its programs, ✓ BWFB! operates on a budget of$150,000, two-thirds of the budget come from foundations contributions, ✓ Stacy needs to develop and implement a marketing strategy to achieve BWFB! goals.


|Strengths: |WEAKNESSES: | |Stacy has strong expertise in the area of human rights, both |Stacy has little if any business / marketing expertise, | |inside and outside the United States, |BWFB! operates on a limited budget of $150,000 with only 3 | |BWFB! has enjoyed national recognition being awarded “best |full-time and 3 part-time employees and a group of volunteers,| |documentary” academy award, |BWFB! does not offer extensive services used as intervention | |Stacy has lived “domestic violence” in her childhood, so did |resources for battered women, | |her mother, | | |BWFB! is one of the best run charities in the US, | | |BWFB! has a solid group of volunteers, | | |Stacy has built connections with Hollywood stars following her| | |Oscar win, | | |BWFB! champions a compelling and worthy cause with an eloquent| | |mission statement: “Peace in the world begins at home” | | |OPPORTUNITIES: |THREATS: | |Domestic Violence has recently enjoyed continuous public |Lots of existing competition for funding from “other” | |attention making it a “national matter”, |charities local and national, | |As a result of 1) requests for educational information and |Multitude of resources available for victims of domestic | |materials has quadrupled, |violence, |...
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