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1. What are the organizational development challenges you face as the new brigade commander? What are three things you can do to address these issues and develop the brigade as a learning organization?

Since my departure from this brigade two and a half years ago the brigade has changed in the wrong direction. While I was assigned it was a functioning brigade, which worked together as a cohesive unit, free of spiteful competition. I would immediately think back and drafts a plan of attack which focused on many of those things that made the brigade great at that time.

I have several organizational issues which need immediate attention. Although the brigade transformed into an HBCT fairly well, including conducting this transformation at the onset of a deployment into a combat theater under the new formation, it was still successful in its missions. With that being said, the brigade did have many issues that cannot and will not happen under my watch. I am working with a brigade which, has just gone through a massive change over in personnel, to include most of the primary staff and the Command Sergeant Major. So, I have personnel issues regarding continuity within the brigade and how things are done. Therein lays my first approach. I will bring all my primary staff, Commanders, Command Sergeants Majors and their S3 Sergeants Majors together and give them my philosophy, mission statement, vision and what I think their focus should be to bring the brigade back to what it once was.

In the beginning I am going to have to conduct command climate surveys to identify my short comings and then take a direct, almost hands on approach to fixing the issues acknowledged in the brigade. I will also conduct several brigade commander lead meetings with the Soldiers, NCOs, officers and senior leaders in an attempt to let them hear and understand my leader and training philosophy’s. This will let everyone know I am serious and focused on turning the brigade around.

I will also have to look into all the negative things within the brigade and who they relate too. A couple of those incidents are the many Reports of Survey and the possible oversight of the unauthorized sniping incident. By addressing these two things and the Soldiers involved, it will show once more that I am serious about turning the brigade around. The importance of fixing those areas with faults is a huge undertaking that must happen before the brigade once again lands on rotation orders. If these issues do not get fixed I believe the brigade will fail in its next combat mission, whatever that might be.

The organizational challenges I face are the recent change over of personnel; the unit’s poor coordination with each other and the brigade; the officers not working well with their enlisted counterparts; a new staff and Command Sergeant Major; and I have trust, loyalty and integrity issues that need addressed. The first three things I will do to fix this are:

A. Have mandatory LPDs with my primary staff, Commanders, Command Sergeants Majors and their S3 Sergeants Majors.
B. Have a brigade town hall meeting, with all the Soldiers, NCOs, officers, senior leaders and civilians within the brigade to explain my vision, philosophy and start the team building process so that they understand the end state.

C. Immediately address the massive Reports of Survey and the possible unauthorized sniping incident. I will conduct immediate FLIPLs on all the equipment shortages and a 15-6 investigation into the shooting allegation. I will look at all the facts and take appropriate actions deemed necessary based on facts. 2. How will organizational culture and climate influence your actions as the new brigade commander? What actions will you take to manage the ethical climate and stress levels within the organization?

Because I am dealing with a brigade size unit, which has several battalions and companies, the culture and climate must be taken into consideration before I...
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