Batman vs Dexter

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Batman VS. Dexter

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* What constitutes a hero vs. a villain? The idea of a superhero has been changed to reflect cultural appreciations. Sensitivities and understandings have changed over time and the modern superhero reflects that. The rise of a hero vs. an antihero is now a more common theme seen in both comic books and movies alike. *

* It is very clear that both heroes have victims. Their outlook is one of utilitarianism, that the benefit of the whole outweighs the benefit of the individual. The difference lies in the way they choose their victims and how they classify each villain as evil. *

* Dexter chooses his targets based on a code that his stepfather Harry taught him at an early age. The ‘Code of Harry’ is what keeps Dexter’s bloodlust in check. The code is very strict and involves much preparation and planning. This code allows Dexter to kill and dispose of bad guys. To Dexter, the bad guys consist of people who have been tried by the legal system, but when the legal system fails; Dexter will investigate them, observe them, and pass a judgment on whether that the person should be punished for his actions. There is an obvious moral dilemma at play here: what gave Dexter the power and control to pass such a judgment onto these people? Would society not pass the same judgment on Dexter and thus classify him as a ‘bad guy’? However, based on this strict code of conduct, Dexter can efficiently, mentally, and justifiably select his victims. *

* Batman works in a very different way. The Dark Knight considers his targets to be any form of bad guy. His enemies range from the murderer or serial murderer to a simple robber. Of course as with any hero there are always one or more mortal enemies that keep the story exciting and deadly. In Batman’s case, there is The Joker, his most famous enemy, as well as a large set of other less famous enemies, who have become essential...
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