Batman vs Superman

Topics: Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Kendall Williams
J. Stevens
English 1301-1003
14 February 2012
Since the 1930’s, comic books have been filling our minds with adventure and action. People of all ages dreamed of being the hero, living in thrill and excitement. Fighting crime and saving lives sounds like a dream job. Comic’s created an imaginary world were Superman and Batman were two men who lived the dream. They protected their cities from arch-enemies, got the girl, and saved the day; but each man had his own way in doing so. Superman was from planet Krypton, which was destroyed by the infighting of his people. After being transported to earth, he ended up on a farm with his adoptive parents in Smallville, Kansas. He was known as mild mannered Clark Kent. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, was born in Gotham City. Having witnessed his parents’ death at a young age, he was raised by the family butler, Alfred. Both Superheroes had very difficult childhoods. Each had to make decisions on what course their life would take. Clark Kent lived a middle class life. As a young child his parents noticed his superhuman abilities - speed, strength, and vision. Clark Kent learned early that his destiny was to protect the weak and innocent as well as planet Earth. When Bruce Wayne’s parents died, he became a billionaire by inheriting Wayne Enterprises. However, money could not shake the memory of the murder of his parents. Bruce lived his whole life training and waiting for the day to gain revenge for his family. Wayne soon realized that fighting crime and gaining vengeance was his calling.

In order to carry out their pursuits, both men had to maintain a secret identity. Superman was born super, so his new identity needed to help him blend into society. When trouble arose, Clark Kent would quickly change into Superman. Superman wore a costume that featured a large “S” stretched across the front. Unlike Superman, Bruce Wayne was normal. Wayne used gadgets and electronics to help him get his...
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