Batman Begins End

Pages: 2 (468 words) / Published: Oct 10th, 2017
The denouement of movies (especially movies in trilogies) will always leave inquiries and will usually be exciting. However, Batman Begins has a much unanticipated problem, which leads to a frantic effort to stop it before it was too late to help. Ras Al Ghul comes back to Gotham and reveals his plan to Bruce. This moreover forces him into immediate action along with the rest of his allies. The end of this movie is more about stopping the monorail from reaching Wayne tower, whereas the Dark Knight’s ending focuses on a more plot based ending. The ending of Batman Begins definitely shows us that Batman’s capability and strength. The frantic and action-packed end to the Batman Begins shows Batman that his efforts were needed and that he would need to be Batman for quite some time to achieve his goal of a crime-free Gotham. Unlike Batman Begins, instead The Dark Knight’s ending is more story based and is paramount to abridging the movie. Moreover, the end of the movie Joker tries to bring out the civilians “true colors” (The Dark Knight, Scene?) and also kill them, in the ferry boat experiment. Of course, because the people of Gotham still had hope in the decorous and were too nice to blow up the opposing boat. The difference from the end of the first one is, rather in this one Batman’s persona was defeated, but the Joker didn’t prevail in the fight for Gotham’s soul. However, Batman becomes the villain to cover up for Dent’s killings. Whereas in Batman Begins the ending was not very meaningful to the plot. Batman is the true luminary of Gotham, but at the end of …show more content…
Furthermore, Batman in both movies is able to save Gotham in the end, even if he saved Gotham in diverse

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