Analysis: The Dark Knight Trailer

Topics: Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Sawyer McFadden
English 1020
The Dark Knight Trailer Analysis
The Dark Knight was made in 2008 and had a stellar cast including Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. The Dark Knight was portrayed in many different ways, by an animated series, movies in the 90's, but the best take on the comic book favorite is the dark and twisted version directed by Christopher Nolan. The shots of explosions as well as Batman jumping off buildings, really puts The Dark Knight into the action genre. Nolan also shows in the trailer a couple hints of drama that Batman must face throughout the movie. The trailer shows a little of Batman’s struggles with his new foe that he comes up against and the dark music helps to improve the drama genre aspect of the movie. The Dark Knight is an action movie, but with a twist of drama. The trailer gives both sides of the two genres with the help of the action shots and the scenes where batman is struggling. The trailer draws audiences in who are fans of drama and action movies with aspects of both genres. The characteristics that draws an audience to The Dark Knight is the cast, the action and suspense, and the appeal of Batman. Action genre is described as having a hero or heroes who are put through a struggle with a villain or villains. Action genre is also defined by having fight scenes, fast pace chasing, explosions, etc. The trailer of The Dark Knight has scenes of what defines an action genre, it has explosions, car chases, trucks flipping over, etc. The trailer shows Batman’s new struggle that has sprung out of the darkness. This new foe named The Joker, will give Batman a run for his money and put the Dark Knight through hell, by destroying the city that Batman has given so much to protect. The Joker is shown in the trailer as a sadistic, maniacal clown bent on providing Batman with a dose of chaos and difficult choices. The trailer shows brief scenes of the joker’s chaotic plan and supports the action genre with...
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