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Topics: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Stan Lee Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: November 1, 2006
When the words "comic books" are uttered most people think one of two things, super heroes or nerds. Since I am a member of the latter, I will concentrate on the super heroes. Most often the general public will bunch all comics together as one big happy family of heroes who are all pretty much the same, aside from the flashy costumes and catch phrases. Now as fun as it may be to walk into a room and proclaim, "My spider sense is tingling." after closely comparing things such as character backgrounds, origins of power, acceptance by the public within the story, and most importantly the reader's ability to relate to them, it is revealed that though both of the two main publishers, DC and Marvel, do create characters with amazing abilities they also have two different goals in mind. DC uses their heroes to create stories of escapism while fellow publisher Marvel focuses more on creating stories with realistic problems for their heroes.

This is often illustrated in how the two publishers' heroes attain their powers. DC heroes tend to have acquired their powers by supernatural, magical or alien means. For instance, Superman's abilities are explained by the fact that he is from another planet. Marvel heroes however seem to have developed powers from scientific accidents such as exposure to radiation or by genetic mutations. For example, Spider-Man was bitten by an experimental species of spider which caused his blood to mutate, thus giving him the attributes of a spider. .

Another difference is how the heroes are accepted by the public within their stories. DC heroes, such as Batman, are most often celebrated and embraced as heroes for their amazing abilities, while Marvel heroes are often threatened by outside influences. The X-Men are frequently attacked by the same people they are trying to protect only because the public is frightened by the unfamiliar.

Also there are many differences between the DC and Marvel characters in the way they lead their...
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