Basic Training

Topics: Military, Fort Benning, Time Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Basic Training
Michael Parker
University of North Florida

Basic Training

On March 25 @0330 on a humid and misty morning 6 drill sergeants came into the cold buildings hollering as if the buildings was on fire! Get the hell up privates! Literally you can see the spit coming from their mouths, veins popping into their foreheads. The more the Drill Sergeants paced back and forward as if they kicked over an ant pile from all the soldiers scattering. By the time they finished the Drill Sergeants were as red as candy apples. The frown their faces was unforgivable like they had ate 20 red hot peppers. As I took the long 8 hour bus ride to Fort Benning, Georgia. The further the bus distanced itself from Lake City, Florida. The more I thought, was this the right decision for me! I noticed the trees as if they was crashing down on me with my heart beat became more distant from one another as if my body wanted to shut down. Not knowing what to expect the more I became uncomfortable and powerless. Scared and startled as I were as if nothing was going right from the voices echoing off the walls hurry, hurry, hurry! While all of this going on, must I remind that bunks has to be made, floor swept, trash took out, and clean latrines. The chores they have listed for us to do has to be done in minimum time as if we had all day to do them like we was back home with our parent(s). The next phase of these challenges became very difficult for me because the Drill Sergeants took me out on a Physical Fitness Track and made me do push-ups and sit-ups for like 3 minutes straight with also, running 4 to 5 miles daily. Please let me tell you, coming from just working, partying, and playing video games wasn’t fun at all. What motivated me was my girlfriend working, going to school, and carrying my son. All day I would think about how she must have felt being along and pregnant. The days went by so slow because I could not bear the thought of her have my son...
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