Basic composition of MIS

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Question: Explain the basic composition of MIS that can be explained in terms of different approaches. Answer : MIS is system where manager could access detailed piece of information instantaneously. For example, it also explains annexure and appendages of accounting system and financial summary statements. MIS can be defined as an integrated man-machine system that provides information to support planning and control function of managers in the organisation. MIS reveals clear planning targets to control operations and information of performances. The major purpose of MIS could be generalized as to sub-serve managerial functions, routine collection of information, support and review planning control decisions. The basic composition of MIS can be explained In terms of different approaches: 1)Physical components

2)Information system functions
3)Decision support
4)Management hierarchy
5)Organisational functions
These five approaches mentioned above are explained in detail below: 1)Physical components: Physical components of MIS can be explained to a person interested in understanding structure of MIS in the organisation. The physical components are: HardwareRefer to physical computer equipment and associated devices such as CPU, monitor, keyboard, printer, discs, tapes and CD’s.

SoftwareIt is a broad word assigned to the instructions that direct the operations of the hardware. This can be further classified as a system software and application software.

Data BaseThis consists all data used by the application software and stored in files.

ProcedureRegular operating procedures like manuals also form a part of physical structure.

Operating Personnel like computer operator programmer, system analyst, System analyst Technician System manager are users of information system.

MIS helps to assess internal sources, market research, government rules, publications, advertisement, external data and special analysis of information...
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