Based on Venice, Analyse the Factors Which Determine How Successful It Is.

Topics: Tourism, Heritage tourism, Venice Film Festival Pages: 7 (2116 words) Published: October 3, 2008
Venice is famous as a heritage city and attracts visitors across the world by its elegant architecture. According to statistics there were a steadily growing number of tourists in the past. In 1952 approximately 500 000 tourists spent 1.2 million bed nights in Venice. The visitors had increased to 1.21 million until 1992 and used up 2.68 million bed nights which kept presenting huge business opportunities (Glasson, Godfrey & Goodey 1997; Page 2007). However, it cannot be denied that there still exists some decrease of tourism demand in Venice. To give some concrete examples, in 1985 and 1986, tourism in Venice was influenced by an unfavourable exchange rate of US dollars as well as terrorism. Furthermore the Gulf War in 1991 also affected the income of tourism. Despite of events, it seems that the number of tourist arrivals is projected to rise steadily and hence there were strong positive effects of tourism in Venice (Glasson, Godfrey & Goodey 1997; Tyler, Guerrier, & Robertson 1998).

Visitors come to the historic centre of Venice on request for the special individual experience ranging from gastronomic tours to cultural tours. For one thing, Venice provides a variety of activities to satisfy different desires and needs such as fine art, galleries or the Carnival.

The essay provides a description of the type of visitors that Venice attracts in the perspective of special interest tourism and gives theoretical background of sustainable tourism management in order to analyse the factors determining it as a successful destination.

It is beyond doubt that Venice is an exotic location which allures countless trippers. Some share identical special interests. For instance, tourists who are culture enthusiasts in Venice would visit St. Mark’s square and St. Mark’s Cathedral. This certain part of tourism is coined special interest tourism (SIT) (Norman, Ngaire & Ros 2001). It is different from mass tourism, because the individuals take their special interests with them on holidays. In addition, they spend a substantial part of their vacation on specific activities (Norman, Ngaire & Ros 2001). It is best illustrated if given the example of Venice. In Venice numerous visitors wander on the streets, stop at Hurry’s bar and linger the museums such as Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Undoubtedly, SIT contributes to the local economy of Venice because the city has attractive locations and plenty of historic buildings, ambience and artistic qualities. Therefore, one of the factors that determine Venice as a successful destination is SIT which brings certain economic opportunities for cultural tourism. SIT can be divided into several subsets. Because Venice is a heritage city, the essay carries out the exploration of the festival tourism, film festival and heritage tourism

Travelling in Venice is undeniably one of the world’s most unique experiences which represents the life in 18th century. Particularly the Venetian carnival attracts the travellers who yearn to experience special atmosphere. The whole city fills with musicians and acrobats. Moreover, attendees wear masks and elaborate costumes, while everyone enjoys the atmosphere and nobody cares about the original faces under the mask. Why does the local community host the carnival? It is indicated that the motivation is variable which could be political, cultural, economic or environmental (Frisby & Getz 1989; Getz 1993). Among the motivators, the strong one may be promotion of cultures, celebration of the traditions and the special way of life in the community. (Dunstan 1994; Frisby & Getz 1989)

On the other hand, the festival has a consequence on revenue generation (Mayfield & Crompton 1995; Dunstan 1994). It grounds on the increase of the job opportunities offered for residents. In addition, if the travellers stay longer, they would contribute more expenses on hotels (Backman, Backman, Uysal & Sunshine 1995; Getz 1991). The carnival exerts influence successfully on...
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