Achievements of Venice

Topics: Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Adriatic Sea Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Chapter 3: The Achievements of Venice (written by BS)
Venice had many achievements by the 15th Century, mainly, building a maritime empire, social transformation and also economic prosperity. The most significant achievement, would be building a maritime empire, followed by social transformation and economic prosperity. Firstly, the most significant achievement would be building a maritime empire. As a maritime empire, Venice possessed territories along important trade routes, especially around the Mediterranean Sea. These territories allowed the Venetian great galleys to replenish their supplies without incurring more cost before sailing to their destinations, thus proving the territories of the utmost importance. These territories are captured by Venice after defeating the Byzantine Empire, enabling Venice to strengthen its maritime authority over the Mediterranean region. In addition, Venice was able to suppress piracy, thus consolidating control over the Adriatic Sea region. As Venice was able to build a strong maritime empire out of these groups of islands, it established its dominant commercial power. Therefore, with the ability to consolidate power in its region of control, Venice was thus able to increase trades and ultimately leading to its peak of development, thus being the most significant achievement out of the other achievements. Secondly, another achievement Venice had was to transform its society. The success of its maritime trade, mostly due to the possession of islands leading to a great maritime empire, led Venice to the road of wealth and recognition. Foreign traders were thus attracted to conduct trade in Venice, and some eventually settle down in Venice. Venice faced severe labour shortage due to its inability to attract foreign talents, which was then further aggravated by a plague ‘Black Death’, killing three-fifths of the population in Venice. This fluctuation pushed the Venetian government to promote migration into Venice. Merchants and...
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