Barbers Poll Worm Essay

Topics: Immune system, Infection, Infectious disease, Bacteria, Medicine, Disease / Pages: 5 (1105 words) / Published: Mar 14th, 2016
Abstract: Barbers poll worm is a common problem affecting Queensland and the top half of New South Wales. For this investigation sheep from the school farm were tested for levels of worms. Facies samples were collected and sent off to the vet, this revealed that the sheep had high levels of worms.
Background: What are ectoparasites?
Ectoparasites are external parasites that live on the outside of an organism’s body. These parasites feed on the blood of an animal. When the parasites attach themselves to the outer layer of the organism’s skin they remain there for their entire life thriving off the host and entirely depend on the host for nourishment. Ecto parasites usually live in colonies and make nests on the hosts skin rapidly multiplying
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Drench resistance is a big issue that allows worms to become immune to drench, making drenching ineffective. If this occurs, worm management will be increasingly more difficult and other methods will have to be applied. Drench resistance is usually caused by under dosing or not giving the animal enough drench therefore the “stronger” worms which are more genetically capable will survive the drench and become immune. These worms will then go on to breed and create large numbers of genetically immune worms posing a huge threat to the animal. To reduce the risk of this problem different types of drenches should be used and giving the correct amount of drench is very important.

1. a) Samples are taken from sheep

b) Take note of the animals tested (Ear tag)
2. Two grams of faeces is weighed.

3. faeces are added to salt solution (Salt solution is made by adding 31.7 g of salt to 100 ml of water)

4. faeces in salt solution

5. A pipette is used to draw a few drops of the mixture from the surface of the mixture

6. Drops are placed on the slide observe/count the worm eggs.

7. Prepare multiple slides to test each sample.

1. Saturated salt (NaCl)

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