Barack Obama's Speech in Back to School

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Essay – Barack Obama,”Back to School”
What are some of President Barack Obama’s methods for successful speeches? How does he manage to gather the attention of his audience? Is he really just throwing out slogans at people or does he really deliver a mark after they’ve left the audience? This essay will embark on some of these questions through an analysis of his speech presented at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia at an event called, “Back to school”. President Barack Obama’s speech is about the importance of education, and an efficient infrastructure in the USA. He gathers his audience’s attention by emphasizing on how important it is for each individual in America to have an education – not only for their own sake, but also for their country’s sake. Throughout the speech he addresses his audience in a specific way while advocating for some values. These values are different; however, they have an equal significance since they all contribute to the success of an eminent society. I’ll highlight the way he addresses his audience and the values he advocates for in his speech, respectively.

“The president: Hello everyone – How’s everybody doing today?” [l.1] This statement used by Mr. Obama clearly states that he wants to create an impact in these young Americans’ heart. He isn’t speaking academically towards them but rather in a language that everybody speaks and understands, so they can easily relate to each other. Obama’s intention must have been not to elevate his status before the students since he wants them to approach him as a fellow American – as a nice friend that is there to help them out. This technique of Obama creates socialization between him and his audience which makes him seem as a more trustworthy and helpful guy. Furthermore, he shows that he’s actually concerned about how their life is hence he asks about their mood. This rhetorical way of delivering his message shows us that he uses ethos in his speeches since he wants to...
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