Ban the Damn Things. Ban Them All

Topics: Hunting, Deer, Firearm Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 4, 2012
In Molly Ivins says to simply “Ban the damn things. Ban them all.” Her solution is to “Get a dog.” In this essay I will debate for and against gun control
What do we really need guns for? Protection? In a world with guns many people feel that because they can’t beat them they might as well join them. If you were confronted by someone in a dark alley with a gun, wouldn’t you like to have one as well to make it an even fight? You need guns to protect yourself, but if we all didn’t have guns we would feel safer. Ivins brings up the point that criminals would then revert to a knife but this would then “turn (us) into a whole nation of great runners.” If a criminal is coming to confront you wielding a knife you can just run away.

Do we need guns to hunt? Hunting in America provides food for lower income families. It teaches survival skills and has historically been a right of passage for boys to become men. I argue that this is the 21st century we have Wal-Mart’s and tons of grocery stores around the country. Why does it have to make you a man to kill something? I understand that it saves money for families but how long does it take to hunt a deer, kill it, take the fur off, gut the animal then butcher it? I feel this time could be better spent working and earning money to pay for food at Wal-Mart. Thus putting money back into the economy generating growth for America and possibly being us out of recession . Also I have the idea that if there was a large enough demand for deer meat then why don’t we farm the animals? Most hunters are also farmers so instead of hunting the animals why don’t the farm them for their meat? At some point cows must have been wild. This would then give farmers another revenue stream allowing them to better spend their time other than hunting. To answer the other point that I brought up the survival skills, what do we need them for anymore? We have cell phones that tell us exactly where we are and hunting with gun just doesn’t seem...
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