Why Americans Should Not Possess Guns

Topics: United States, Firearm, U.S. state Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: September 2, 2006
Picture sitting in school while people next to you possess guns. Though this may sound a bit farfetched, it can happen. Due to the second amendment of the Constitution, one has the right to bear arms. It is reasonable that people would want access to guns for the sport of hunting though. But allowing people to "carry" guns is reckless. Firearms should be outlawed because they have granted children access to kill easily, inflated the murder rate in the United States, were created to kill, and have inflated the murder rate in the United States.

The first, and probably the most important reason, is that handguns can easily get in the hands of children. Keeping them out of sight in a closet, or under ones' bed may not be enough. For example, a couple years ago, a five-year old boy was shot in his head by his eight-year-old brother. The older brother located the gun under his parent's bed. Thinking it was a toy gun, he pointed it towards his brother's head and pulled the trigger. These kinds of unfortunate events have occurred all over the United States. Another devastating event was the Columbine shooting. In 1999, two teenagers went on a shooting spree killing a teacher, twelve fellow students, and wounding twenty-four others. It is sad things like this happen, but people should not be surprised. With the law allowing us to own guns, these types of things will continue to happen.

The second reason guns should not be permitted to citizens is, their main purpose is to kill. Back when Americans first settled here, guns were a part in how Americans survived. Guns were accustomed to protect Puritans against intruders and animals. The Puritans also believed that killing another was immoral, unless threaten. These beliefs still exist today to an extent, but morals, lifestyles, and times have changed. Today, instead of protecting, guns can be used to enhance criminals' power, giving him the ability to take ones' life. With that being said, guns have...
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