Bakery and Pastry Management Program Report

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George brown is one Canada’s largest and most diverse colleges. It has over 22,000 full-time students; the staffs consist of celebrated chefs, Red Seal Qualified trades people, certified accountants, accomplished actors, and professional engineers etc. There are two main campuses and several other downtown locations. Business students study at the corner of Bay Street. Nursing and healthcare students are conveniently nearby one of Canada’s highest concentration of research and teaching hospitals. While the Arts and Design students learn at theatres, galleries, studios and agencies. The two main campuses are located downtown Toronto at Casa Loma and St. James. They offer 157 full-time programs, and 1,600 continuing education courses. George Brown College contains many different programs, it is best known for the culinary arts programs. The Baking and Pastry Arts Management program is on of the popular programs many students come to George Brown for due to the fact it’s the only school that has that program in all of Ontario. “The Baking and Pastry Arts program provides the fundamentals of baking in the first year and advanced studies in pastry arts in the second year. Practical courses where students learn baking and pastry arts skills in a hands-on environment represent the majority of the program content. Industry experience is not mandatory; however, it is an asset. The two-year Baking and Pastry Arts program consists of five semesters. Between the first and second year, the students are required to complete a 320-hour Professional Internship.” (SAIT) After completing this program the student will receive an Ontario College Diploma. To enter the program, the applicant must have their Ontario Secondary School Diploma or something equivalent. They must have taken a Grade 12 English course and a Grade 11 or 12 Math course and pass. “Applicants not meeting the academic requirements may also qualify for admission through completion of the Hospitality Services program with an overall 3.0 grade point average.” (George Brown) In the first semester of the Bakery and Pastry Arts Program, students are to take Sanitation and First Aid/CPR courses for safety purposes, as well ass Baking and Pastry Arts Theory/Skills, Math Foundations, English skills and History of Eating and Dining. Then in second semester students learn the next level of Theory and Skill, Dessert Menu Management, Hospitality Math, College Math, Computer Skills and Applications and Nutrition and Life Style. Third semester students continue on to the third level of Theory and Skill, Career Preparation, Business Entrepreneurship, Business Communications and General Education Elective. In the fourth semester students are to finish the last course in Baking and Pastry Arts Skills, Industry Externship, Cheese and Wine Discovery and can choose from the General Education Elective. Students in this program are required to the following uniform, safety shoes, knives and small wares and Manuals and books, the overall cost is $1020. Tuition fees for the the program is $3508 per year. There are different housing for George Brown students, they either “rent rooms or flats in private houses, share a rented multi-room apartment or house with other students, rent their own apartment, live in a college/university or...

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