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The Bahamas is an independent country which is made up of seven hundred

Islands and cays. The motto for the Bahamas is “Forward, Upward, Onward,

Together”. The motto can be found on the Bahamas’ coat of arms. The color of

the Bahamian flag is aquamarine, gold and black. Each color has a specific

representation; aquamarine represents the ocean waters, gold represents the sun

and black represents the people. There are over 250,000 people residing in the

Bahamas. New Providence (also known as Nassau) is the capital of the Bahamas.

The Bahamians are friendly to both their natives and visitors alike. Visitors

travel via airplanes or cruise ships. Bahamians are excited when telling visitors

about the Bahamas and the many activities and native dishes offered. Due to the

intelligence of many citizens in this country some can also speak French or

Spanish. There are many schools (public and private), churches (all

denominations), government establishments, charitable organizations, restaurants,

hotels, shops, cafes, historical sites and straw markets in the Bahamas. In the

straw markets you can find authentically made products that can be kept as

souvenirs from key chains to straw bags which are made by Bahamian natives.

While at the straw markets in the Bahamas, there are also qualified hair braiders

that specialized in the most stylist braids for men, women and children. No one is

required to pay taxes in the Bahamas. There are both commercial and offshore

banks in the Bahamas. A commercial bank offers assistance to locals and also

tourists. Whereas an offshore bank is where visitors deposit their money to avoid

paying taxes in their own country.

Grand Bahama and New Providence are the two most populated islands

because more jobs are offered. However, the other islands are recognized for their

annual festivals, for instance, in Andros, a crab fest is held which would expose

you to some of the scrumptious crab dishes. The crabs used are grown and raised

in the Bahamas. Yes, in the Bahamas crab-n-rice and crab and dough are a favorite

to most Bahamians. Other islands including Exuma, Long Island, and Habour

Island of the Bahamas also host their annual regattas. A regatta is a time when

men sail in vessels to compete for the campaign ships. You can also purchase

native food at both festivals and regattas.

The Bahamas is well known for its sandy white sand, blue clear waters and

blazing sun. The beaches are always kept clean. The beaches are utilized daily

for the sea breeze, swimming, fishing, bon fire, picnics, walking, riding bikes,

boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, just to name a few. The beaches in

the Bahamas are also internationally known for marital ceremonies and beach

parties. During the summer time, Bahamians gather on the beaches to pick

delicious fruits known as coco-plums and sea grapes. Some adults use the sea

grapes to make jam.

Transportation is trouble-free in this country. You can either rent a

vehicle, golf cart, motor cycle, ride in a limousine, cab or a bus (also known as

jitneys in some islands). There are also tour operators that assist with

transportations. Moreover, both domestic and international visitors stay in

different types of accommodations. These accommodations are hotels, resorts, and

guest houses. These facilities have affordable prices and are fully furnished with

all modern amenities. A resort comprises of several restaurants, shops, tennis

court, golf course and activities for adults and children. The majority of the living

accommodations in the Bahamas are located...
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