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Indonesia is a beautiful country from its amazing views to its unique culture; there is no place like it so it is very special. It has a very distinctive history as well as having a variety in religion even though a specific belief is the majority. This country is made up of clusters of islands in the ocean which gives them a beautiful perspective due to the ocean being really close to the population. Although Indonesia is a wonderful place, there are also many issues going on which changes their reputation. Many problems like corruption, deforestation, pollution, and poverty greatly affect this country while changing many peoples’ views upon them. And as a result of this, many organizations were created to help improve and try to resolve these issues which still continue to do so today. Although not much progress has been done, there is still a great potential for change that those organizations can achieve as well as getting the community involved to change the world by saving the seas.

Indonesia officially the Republic of Indonesia, was declared independent in 1942 after Japanese forces surrendered to allies who began Indonesia’s development into becoming a stronger nation. After many years, Indonesia evolved into a beautiful region located in Southeast and includes over 17,500 islands from which 11,000 are habited and 6,000 aren’t. The capital is Jakarta and according to the 2012 census there are over 237.6 million people living on these islands. The largest islands are Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Moluccas, Nusa Tenggara islands, and Java which is the most populated. The entire region of Indonesia is 2 million sq. km. (736,000 sq. mi.) and is about three times the size of Texas; that’s huge! (“Kids Page the Embassy of Indonesia.”) The islands are part of a “ring of fire” which has the largest active volcanoes in the world therefore; they can erupt at any moment. Earthquakes are very frequent as well because the volcanoes shaking cause the earth to move which provokes quakes. The average climate is tropical; hot and humid but can be moderate or cooler in the highlands which seem as a really good weather to live in. Indonesia’s people are extremely diverse in culture, language, ethnicity and religion. Around 300 distinct language and ethnic groups populate the archipelago (islands). People who live in Indonesia are classified as Indonesians although there are many ethnic groups which include Javanese 40.6%, Sudanese 15%, Madurese 3.3%, Minangkabau 2.7%, Betawi 2.4%, Bugis 2.4%, Banten 2%, Banjar 1.7%, and other or unspecified groups 29.9% . Most habitants are Muslim (87.1%) while some are Protestant (5.7%), Catholic (3%), Hindu (1.8) %, and others 3.4%; they are the country whose majority of people are Muslim. Their official language is Indonesian which is a dialect of Malay that got transformed in 1945. Random fact: life expectancy is 73 for women and 68 for men.( “CIA-The World Factbook.”) The arts and crafts of Indonesia are maybe the most unique of all their beautiful things. Dances from Java or Bali are greatly influenced by Hindu mythology; their architecture is based on Indian and Arabic art forms. Many islands are well-known for their making of traditional clothes like batik or songket. Indonesian culture in art is expressed in a cultural mix because many people influenced them in their history like Wayang, traditional theater-performed puppet shows. Dances like Javanese and Balinese, tell stories about ancient Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms. Traditional art, music and sport are combined in a martial art form called Pencak Silat.( “About Indonesia Culture.”) On the other hand, this country also has amazing architecture like houses on stilts and Buddhist temples from which Borobudur and Yogyakarta are the largest ones in the world! Besides culture Indonesia has an unstable economy and government which use the currency of rupiah. Indonesia is a republic based on the...

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