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Bad effects on too much exposure

By shecareyes Dec 12, 2013 3124 Words

Too Much Exposure: Unstoppable Torture

The environment is where crowding among different persons takes place. It has an enormous factor on the development of an individual, most especially, human behavior. With those interactions, experiences are gathered for learnings to emerge. I agree with B.f. Skinner’s perception about the big impact of nature to man’s whole-being. The totality of a man is an upshot of everything that surrounds us. We become what we plan us to be from all the experiences we have undergone. Biology may have a role in some aspects of our humanity, but man develops, adjusts and adapts psychologically without the influence of biology. We will be someone if only we, ourselves, allow it to happen (Skinner, 1973). The family is obliged to take good care of its young members. There is where the foundation of everyone’s performance started. The members of the family are the first models of the young whom they mimic, for they are the first people who got in touch with the child. Family members have most likely the same biological influences. This is because of the fact that they are together, and in each others’ company which have a big effect on actions and usual routines. In adoption, the parents who are not genetically correlated with the children may have the same way of rearing their young that can result to the adoptive siblings to be similar in their behavior even they are not biologically related (Plomin, 1997). Punishments and rewards due to family control also play a role in the wholeness of a person. As an individual grows and the number of people who he/she interacts with increases, various changes also happen. Together with age, the behavior of an individual develops due to crowding or the interactions with different people in the environment. Puberty is a stage when changes happen because of publicity and socializations with different kinds of people in different settings. With this, deeds are honed where others are the basis. The grounds on why people change sexually and psychologically are not wholly understood by people even by the professionals. But one thing is clear that the community is the umpire in the major changes happening to one’s life. Objects respond to stimulus, so as people. To a homeless spider, web is the corroboration, just like people seeking for something that will bestow their needs. People change based on the environment and culture where he’s in. People’s attitudes in various places are different as well. Moving to a different community plays a big role in people’s adaptation and adjustment they are being controlled by the hands of the environment. Adaptation is to be done for an individual to be fitted to the community (Plomin, 1997). Man adjusts to his environment to survive life psychologically with all the considerations not because he is intellectually skilled to know what he needs to be in a certain atmosphere. Being in a new environment allows us to modify our actions in which people try to find ways on how to stay the same for a long time. This leads to what we call hobby. In the society we are moving in, injustice is concrete which can therefore be a reason for depression for those who are refused and isolated. Human behavior, which is alterable due to deals in the community, can lead to depression, anxiety, troubles in the family and crime. This change in personality is arduous to control. Thus, exposure to different people in the environment has unwanted effects on human behavior that can lead to self destruction, ruin our family and the whole society. These are due to gender inequality, personal control of influential and powerful people over the frail ones and differentiation of cultures and beliefs. Gender affects the whole being of an individual. It is a great factor on the development of a person due to environmental expectations for being a male or a female. The community has certain standards for one to be accepted as one of them. Those who are in need are more likely to be neglected just like beggars, and the rich people are more accepted. In a family, women are those who are usually controlled by parents when it comes to choosing for their future unlike men that usually choose their own. People also often base their standards to one’s cleverness and skill as men being sturdier than women. A man and a woman bounded together also yield bad effects in one’s life. These standards pilot to gender inequality. Women have been traditionally linked to chores and are usually strained to do things which they are not up to with like in college courses. Usually, parents depersonalize them because they are the one choosing what road they must tackle regardless of their desires as individuals. This causes the child to rebel especially when she does not want what she pushed through. The child, more often than not, chooses to leave their home and live independently for them to be given the chance to choose what they want to happen with their lives that may lead to family problems and personal problems as well. Men get more confident like in job interviews more often than women for they know that every institution needs robust persons. Women, who have shallow personalities, on the other hand, losses hope. Men are also stereotyped as intelligent most especially in mathematics and logic fields more than women. This factor leads to women’s extreme depression that makes them force themselves to do more than what they can and what they are able to. Nevertheless, men have this formidable feeling of potency. It makes them experience the feeling of overconfidence. Also in politics, more men choose to be a political candidate and men are more often elected than women. Once an individual gets older, mutual feeling with someone will then follow and love cultivates. We all know that love is the most warming and tendering feeling of all, but it does not end there. Love can also lead to damaging effects during misunderstandings that can put people to come to blows, break-up or worse, murder. Women, who are labeled as very loving and considerate tend to be hurt more not just mentally but physically. Men, having tough personality oftentimes are those who are numb. However, obsession is oftentimes carted by men over women they genuinely like. Those obsessed persons who are not adored back due to personality or physical presentation struggle to extreme feelings and confusion that may lead to murder. However, women are in to media. Women celebrities are more dominant than men. And women can put make ups to cover their concerns but men cannot. This may be a factor why gay population increases due to lack of their prerequisites to be considered a man. Directly speaking, being gay is considered a negative effect of lacking something in a man’s personality due to parents’ way of rearing or because of exposure to different kinds of people and abuses that made them seek for something they thought would complete them. In this modern time, number of bisexuals increases unstoppably. And they are repeatedly discriminated by people showing them that there is no space for bisexuals in this wide community. People usually blame others and degrade them. Because of this, discriminated people’s learning is stunned. It will be very difficult for those people to learn. They will be maladaptive from learning over all experiences that can make them and the people surrounding them think that they are out of place because they act inappropriately. Gender inequality has many terrible effects on the whole being of one person. Because of this, the stronger individuals and those with more abilities tend to have power over the weak people. A person wounded by love can hurt not just others but also himself. Discriminated people such as bisexuals try to persuade others that they must be accepted to the community that is why they do their best in everything, not knowing that sometimes those acts are tactless.

Gender can enormously affect one’s behavior. Aside from this, being controlled by others has great consequences also. In a community, people working with each other also tend to control one another. In school, in the office, most especially because of media, we, people will be apt to change perception about our own behavior. Personal attachments with peers, in the family, and with the persons you want or not can cause awful acts because of what our eyes see on them just like addiction. Cigarettes, card games and other disastrous hobbies are learned in the community. Young individuals and even the mature ones tend to imitate people that are more exposed to nature. They thought doing such things can make them be accepted by his/her peers and in his/her community not knowing that these can directly ruin their life. Nowadays, pregnant women get younger and younger. This is because young couples are dominated by media. There are many unsecured pornographic sites that influences immature people to do things out of their ages. Another is someone in-touch with criminals, in a family or circle of friends. They can be influenced by those wrong-doers by thinking that having a life like a thief, killer, etc. is normal. For example, a child exposed to stealing, he/she may think that being a thief is an easy job wherein you can get all you want with just a snap. All of these and many others show that the ecosystem has a great power to influence and indirectly control others. High-class communities have high standards as well. People in this kind of place degrade those that are financially or even physically disabled. Many people want to be fitted in this kind of community that is why many people want to be rich. Because of this aim, many push themselves to do things they are not up to just to be one of those well-to-do people. Here, we can portray insecurity. Insecurity can cause a lot of disaster. Because of this, one can steal just to have stuffs like what the community wants. One may also kill because of unmanaged feelings. And one may be insane because of too much thinking on what to do and because of lack of mind orderliness. These are just some of those bad effects of insecurity. Like celebrities, politicians and icons, popular people are also adored and hated at the same time. Some people idolize them which are often called “die-hard fans”. However, some also hate them. This differentiation brings up misunderstandings and a switch in a person’s routine. People with wealth are more often praised than a person who, for example, sacrifice possessions for the good of all, die for everyone or someone who suffers martyrdom. Those wealthy, good-looking people who are always admired are often copied by those people who want to be accepted in the community like them. Here is where controlling others without consent takes place. Knowing that many ordinary people dream to be one of those on top, they urge themselves to go to the level with them. Those people feel that they are not accepted by the society that is why they do such things. People tend to change their lifestyles to be able to be one of the admired persons like what the people around them wanted. Ethical technique happens when people in one community tend to have power over another to control other people. An individual can either be accepted or not in a group. Accepted people are those who are admired and those who influence others and be mimicked by people who wanted to receive the same esteem. Praised people are cared for and stayed what they are. However, there are people who are not accepted in a community. They are those who are neglected and punished for being who they are. Those people try to find ways on how to be accepted. Though it is not that obvious, this is a way of controlling others wherein everyone is a victim. And we are not even aware of them as controls (Bever, Terrace, 1965).

People learn from the environment they are in through a process called adaptation. People get use to their routines in the habitat where they grow. As time pass by, population increases and this manages you to transfer to a new place with a different culture. This leads to one’s change in acts and hobbies. Bad influences are more dominant than the good ones because bad deeds can be learned easily unlike good doings which can make people hard to adjust. Religion is one of the many differences of persons in a community. Because of this difference, beliefs and rituals of people are not the inclined that can make people ask plenty of questions. This can affect the foundation of one’s faith and religion and further break what he/she truly believes. For example, superstitious beliefs from barrios are not known to cities. These beliefs often bring confusions to the minds of people that may bring people far from reality without considerations. There are different kinds of people in a community that interact with each other. Because of these interactions, culture gains a lot with changes which are to be developed and spread for other people (Plomin, et al., 1997). The changes that are born give people a switch in responses on different situations. One main subordinate of the individuality of a person is verbal behavior which starts at home and is molded in divert shifts in school or in work. This is also affected by the abundance of population in a community because more people yield more contacts and more communications. This trend attests its plausible unwanted effects to verbal behavior like cursing. Nowadays, cursing or saying bad words can be heard from very young people. A person that is always with someone saying those kinds of words can easily get influenced and latter do the same thing. The modern people make bad words as their natural expression even to normal situations. In the past, people are very conscious of the words that come out of their mouth. Now, many people do not care anymore because even the people around them do the same thing. A person from a primitive, simple and innocent life going to a place that is more exposed to the modern world can be tainted by those words. Even someone from that dreadful kind of community going to a calm place can influence the people there especially the young ones. Fliptop, a rapping battle that is very popular in the Philippines, is one of the best examples of inappropriate cursing. In this fixture, two or more people rap with the use humiliating words to fight for their crown as flip top king/queen. The one less discriminated will be proclaimed as the winner. This battle is one of the most-viewed videos in YouTube. People captured by this out-of-the-world game, especially the boys idolize the so-called flip top king. Because of this, they tend to imitate him. Even in schools or in public places, you can hear a group of people doing the fliptop battle. This game is one of the many bad effects of cursing. Differentiation in culture, religion and ethics can make a person think that they are not fitted in the community he’s/she’s in. These differences can make people question the morals they are used to especially religion and beliefs that can further lead to long-term consequences in one’s life like devastation of faith and believing on something that can just ruin their lives like those superstitious beliefs that do not have any basis and which history is unknown.

The horrific changes in people is brought by the environment where we interact with other people due to many factors like gender inequality, one’s control over the less-able and culture differentiation. One bad effect of exposure to many people in different environments is societal dilemma. Conflicts among different groups may be established like the wars happening in the Middle East and in different parts of the world due to their dissimilarities and competitions. Another is that in a community, people cannot escape those contagious immoral behaviors like what is just said, cursing. Cursing is just one of those hard-to-heal diseases from the society that can affect even the toughest person. This change can badly affect people from generation to generation not knowing that those doings are not the right ones. Those differences can also bring problems in the family. A husband or a wife that is exposed to different kind of people can cause a very common problem, third party. A married person may find someone they thought that can bring them pleasure, but it is obviously not. This can lead to severe family problems like divorce. A child open to his/her parents that are always arguing can lead to child’s unbalanced thoughts causing him/her to be rebel. The child will get more intouch with various peers causing more intense behavioral discrepancies. It is obvious that this unwanted change is caused by lack of care from parents. The worst and general effect of too much exposure is self destruction. From the first factor down to the last, all lead to awful intrapersonal changes. Off-beam choices give rise to appalling future. An unfortunate person that has financial incapacity, no possessions but a family can take all chances just to provide his/her family their needs. Stealing and murder can be done by those persons because of their incapabilities. People that are discriminated tend to do something that can make other people stop humiliating them, even the wrong ones. Nonetheless, those people who are often admired and praised tend to think that they have great power wherein they can control everyone below them. They turn to be arrogant and bigheaded like many corrupt politicians that often screen themselves and act as if they are not doing anything immoral.

“Everyone knows that crowding is bad. Politicians, environmentalists, ethologists and biologists constantly warn of the evils of high density living. They assert that crowding causes tension, anxiety, family troubles, divorce, aggressiveness, neurosis, schizophrenia, rape, murder, and even war. It is a wonder that the world survives at all given that so many people live under conditions of severe crowding.” (Freedman, 1975)

Skinner, B.F, (1965). Science and Human Behavior. New York, Macmillan. Freedman, J.L, (1975). Crowding and Behavior. The Viking Press. New York, New York. Glass, D. C, (1968). Environmental Influences. The Rockefeller University Press. New York. Plomin, J. (1997). Biology and Environment. New York Publishing House. New York, New York.

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