Background of Utusan Malaysia

Topics: Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Malaysia, Selangor Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: June 27, 2013
Utusan Malaysia is one of the most popular newspapers published on daily basis for many years in Malaysia, and the language of course is in Malay. Before 2006, Utusan Malaysia was called Utusan Melayu, but it does not appear anymore after 2006. The name of the newspaper translated into English is means Malaysian Courier. Utusan not only is one of the best sells and trusted newspaper, but also is one of the oldest and successful daily newspapers in Malaysia. Currently, Utusan also has an online page on which people from all around the world will be able to find and read the latest news about important events that have happened within the country. It is also considered to be trustworthy sources of information, providing new and accurate news. (Utusan Malaysia, 2012)

There are over 32 pages of current affairs, news, as well as regular supplement contained in the newspaper. Its supplements are related to various fields such as health, technology, politics, entertainment, fashion, music and others. It also includes shopping, accommodation, bargains, vacations, resorts, property, stock market and many other things that people are interested in. Those interesting reports about music, culture, entertainment and fashion also carry out by this popular newspaper. In addition, it also contains reports about current affairs and news which are very important for society. (Utusan Malaysia, 2012)

A logo is a symbolic and identifying mark that stands for origin identity or ownership of company, product or business. The main role of logo is to create a memorable impression the mind of a potential client, so it is crucial for corporate identity. Basically, there are three types of logo and one of the most important principles is to keep it simple. Those three types of logo are symbols and icons, word-marks, and combination mark. The designers and brand consultants of Utusan Malaysia did a great job by choosing the combination mark as a logo (image 1) because they...
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