Marketing and Financial of the Star Publication Malaysia Berhad

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Vision Statement : To be a leading media group
Mission Statement :
• To provide relevant, accurate and reliable information fairly and objectively • To be the voice and conscience of the people
• To be innovative with our products
• To be a caring media group

The Star’s main objective is to being the best newspaper in providing the latest and accurate news around the world with reliable and vital information service with the intention of educating and entertaining the Malaysian society. The mission is that The Star remained as the No. 1 leading English newspaper in the country. The mission statement was designed based on The Star's core business focus and as The Starll as the possible business ventures in future, taken into consideration the major role of the newspaper such as providing information, entertaining the society and lastly, educating the readers.

"The Star Publication (M) Bhd never had a formally written mission statement. The firm had adapted to the typical Chinese way of doing business and had remained as such till the early 1990's but the business orientation had changed to meet the evolving business trend", said Mr. S.M. Rajah, the Senior Human Resources Manager who had been in the firm since 1971.

The Star takes its marketing responsibilities very seriously. For The Star, corporate responsibility in the marketplace translates to how the organisation develops, sells and delivers its products to readers and stakeholders. Through guidelines set forth by the company’s corporate governance statement, The Star practices self-regulatory measures in ensuring that day-to-day decisions are made with the aim of preserving the company’s reputation as The Starll as keeping the promise to stakeholders that The Star will always be a responsible corporate citizen.

It has often been said that Corporate Responsibility is not just about how The Star use the money that The Star make but how The Star made the money. As a publisher The Star are ever mindful that their content should more than meet the stakeholders’ standard for objectivity, fairness and truthfulness. The Star endeavour to filter out such material that may corrupt the minds of tehir readers and sow seeds of discord. Sleaze sells but in their marketplace The Star are mindful of such content. Constructive engagement, not harping on the negative, is the order of the day. This is embodied in our content development and management values. The Star have also conscientiously blocked out offensive stories and advertisements although it is sometimes a tough choice to make betThe Staren monetary gain versus values.

The Star have also endeavoured to keep the retail price of our publications low especially their magazine for school children, Kuntum, so as to make it affordable to this group. The Star believe that by and large, Malaysian readers are a good judge of what The Star hold theirselves to be in the marketplace and The Star continue to stay as the dominant number one in readership and circulation among English dailies.


The Star (daily) and Sunday Star, Malaysia's most widely-read English-language daily and Sunday newspapers, are published in four editions - two editions which cover the northern peninsular states of Penang, Kedah, Perlis and northern Perak while the other two editions cover the rest of the country.

The Star is packaged as a 3-in-1 paper, comprising the Main Paper, StarBiz and StarTwo. It recently underwent a revamp at the beginning of 2007, whereby snazzier, sharper elements were incorporated into its various sections, making for a new, fresh and contemporary look for the new millennium.

The Main Paper covers the latest in both local and international news while StarBiz offers a comprehensive coverage of business developments, market trends, financial reports and updates in the stock market. StarTwo features articles on lifestyle, entertainment, health, parenting,...
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