Baby Boy

Topics: Black people, Race, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: November 2, 2012
The movie I’m going to focus on is Baby Boy. Baby Boy is a movie by John Singleton set in California and focusing on a young black man named Jody and the struggles he faces in everyday life. I chose this movie because I can kind of relate to the story being that I’m from California and I’ve seen a lot of the situations presented in the movie. Jody is in his early twenties and has two kids by two different women, Yvette and Peanut. He still lives with his mother and acts like he is still a kid, hence the name of the movie Baby Boy. Yvette considers Jody to be her man but he’s still messing around with his other baby mama Peanut, along with numerous other women. Jody and Yvette are constantly arguing about his infidelity and his unwillingness to step up and be a man and move out of his mother’s house, where there is also an ongoing issue because his mother has just moved in her new boyfriend and Jody feels threatened by this. His wants to command the attention of his mother and act like he is the man of the house even though he doesn’t take on any responsibilities as far as getting a job and paying any bills or fixing anything. So the movie is basically about Jody’s quest to become a man while dealing with the everyday struggles that affect him in the rough streets of California.

The issues that Jody struggles with in the movie are basically a reflection of what a lot of black men go through growing up in rough neighborhoods raised by single women. Us as women have the double problem of possibly not growing up with our fathers also, as well as trying to love and understand what are men are going through. Starting with Jody’s mother she probably feels a lot of guilt because Jody didn’t grow up with his father around, so she spoiled him a lot to try and compensate for it. This in turned made Jody a mama’s boy and made him to think that women were supposed to take care of him. So in turn he seeks out women that are going to cater to his needs without...
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