Avon Case

Topics: Sales, Management, Motivation Pages: 4 (973 words) Published: February 14, 2011
I.Time Context
1993 – a line of intimate apparel and casual wear introduced. - 3,000 Avon Ladies, associates, franchise dealers and managers, and their family and friends, participated in the first year of the Avon Global Running Program, a worldwide event aimed at promoting good health and fostering camaraderie between and among the ladies of Avon. 1996 – received the Flame for excellence in sales, marketing, and operations. 1997 – Avon’s net sales worldwide increase 6 percent to $ 5.1 billion. - continued to blaze the trials as the Philippine operations posted an impressive sales growth of 25 percent. - gross sales of cosmetics, fragrance, toiletries and intimate apparel amounted to over P 5 million.

Avon’s success lies on their belief that the best way to persuade the market is for the company to have a full commitment and personal touch to their products and consumers as well. Cosmetics business on my own opinion is one of the hardest industries to enter with, it needs big plans, development, hard researches, and meticulous production for the company to catch such patronizes.

III.Statement of the Problem
In this case I can say that the problem lies on direct selling. How can be Avon stated that they are in direct selling while as a matter of fact they only sell their products to the households by means of their representatives?

Must Objectives
To provide customer with prompt service and quality products. To bring the touch of the company to the households.
To obtain respects and prestige in cosmetic industry.

Want Objectives
To be the number one direct-selling business in the world.
To lead and exist in cosmetics industry for more years to come.

V.Areas of Consideration
The plan is to pass on Avon’s personal touch to the household. Strategic and tactical plans can help the said case brings up solutions. Organizing
Lines of authority are clearly discussed and...
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